Ten tips for doing up your home this Christmas.

Ten tips for doing up your home this Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to celebrate the festivities.Capture the magic of the holiday season with festive touches that make the days all the more memorable.For some stylish inspiration, IndiaCircus gives you ten ways to make your home into a delightful space.

1. Add sparkle into your home.

Dress up your living room up with all things nice. Using Christmas decorations alongside with colourful vases and art, the room can be transformed into a magical space. You can even recycle old ornaments by doing things such as painting plastic ornaments with acrylic paints and adding beads and glitter.Simple things like hanging a string of snowflakes along with some colourful ribbons can make the festive spirit come alive. Fill transparent jars with different colored stones and beads and they become decorative pieces.

2. Lights and candles

Lighting is a very important factor when it comes to the festive season. The right kind of lighting can bring out that warmth and glow. By using a combination of string light and candles, one can create a mood lighting which will just make the room into an elegant and festive space.Placing candles in bowls with ornaments will add extra light and sparkle. Tea light candles can also be added to glass containers filled with water and flowers to add soft light and warmth. Put bunches of string lights into clear glass bottles and it will add a magical feel to the room. Explore our candle collection here

3. Pretty cushions

One does not need to go overboard on the decorations to make your home look classy and sophisticated. Use some colourful and elegant cushions and the room will brighten up. Place them in places which have a nice lamp or light and this will just become a cozy space.

4. Floor cushions
Another way to make a space look warm and cozy is by adding floor cushions. This way you do not need to upset the seating arrangement too much. Throw some floor cushions around in different spots and it will become a comfy seating arrangement. This will also help when kids need to sit somewhere to unwrap their presents.

5. Window decorations

The windows can also be a place to decorate. Hang some nice lanterns and Christmas ornaments. Use some pretty candle bases and flowers to create a little arrangement which will be sophisticated and stunning.

6. Table decoration

Having family and friends over for the Christmas party in your home means that doing up your dining table is a must. Creating a lovely centerpiece with a flower arrangement is a good way to start. Using the right kind of crockery and cutlery is essential. Use bone china crockery and proper silverware. Having the right kind of table mats and runners will only enhance the dining experience.

7. Mix contemporary and classic

One way to make your holiday decor feel like home is by putting your personal style into the details. Keep parts of your old decorations and add some new elements such as decorate a coffee table as a wrapped Christmas present by crisscrossing strands of ribbon over the top and sides for a giftlike effect.

8. Keep it simple yet charming
The trick to pulling off a beautiful arrangement that speaks to your style is by keeping the decorative elements simple and not over doing it. Flowers, fruits, candles, plants and so on. Anything can become a decorative item if you’re creative enough.

9. Add pops of colour
When doing your decorations try to use unexpected colours.Give a twist to the traditional red and green with pops of fuchsia. Use various elements to add the colour such as a throw on the couch, ribbon on a wreath, trim around a lampshade, or even gift wrap on the packages. This will just add some fun and dynamism to the décor.

10. A welcoming front door.

When doing up the home for the festivities it is important to remember that decorating the outdoor area is also important. A beautifully decorated door way will only make guests feel more welcome. You can add a sparkling touch to the door by hanging some ornaments and lights. Place some pots of plants with a string of lights and add some glow with some lamps. This will only help make your home décor a complete experience.

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