College Makeover by India Circus

College Makeover by India Circus

It is that time of year where for many young people it is the beginning of a new chapter.

Yes, for many youngsters it is time to embark on to college and this is an exciting yet challenging time. Of course once the hustle of admissions and so on calm down, there are some important questions to address, namely what to wear to college and what are the right accessories to carry.

The one thing to keep in mind when dressing for college is that whilst one should look trendy, it is also important to stay comfortable. Also, it is the season where the weather is unreasonably hot and therefore wearing clothes with easier fabrics is advisable.

A good way to beat the heat as well as look good is to wear clothes made of cotton. You can try wearing outfits such as a nice cotton dress, palazzo pants, skirts and so on. And the advantage of cotton is that it can come in some fabulous colours such as Indigo, off white, prints and so on. This ensures that not only do you stay cool but effortlessly chic as well.

Designer Apparels by India Circus

If worrying about clothing is getting too much, then an easy way of still accentuating your style is by getting the right kind of accessories. These days having the right gadget is essential and making sure your gadget looks even better is equally important. Using the right kind of covers for be it your tablet or smart phone can add that burst of fun. With many designs available these days, it is much easier to add your personal statement through your accessories.

Designer tablet sleeves and phone covers

One of the most important aspects of college life is having notes and books. Carrying these around can be a bit of a pain unless of course you add a stylish touch. Getting yourself an eclectic sling or a jhola bag can make your academic life look fashionable as well. And of course it is an easier way to carry everything.

Designer Bags by India Circus

One thing about being stylish on campus is to make sure that it is not overwhelming. It is all right to be quirky but stay tasteful. A simple way of ensuring this is by using simple accessories to accentuate your look. An elegant stole or a set of earrings and maybe even a nice neckpiece can all do wonders to your look without making you look over done.

Designer accessories by India Circus

To throw some fun in without completely re doing your look, you can opt for fun accessories such as a colourful pair of socks. Similarly if you wear glasses then get a spectacle case with some exciting designs or even a quirky wallet will help add that creative and fun element to your look.

Above all, one thing to remember is that the best style comes from within and college is probably the best time to experiment and explore your fashionable side. Fashion always evolves and the best is when it evolves with you.

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