Trend Watch : Color Blocking

Trend Watch : Color Blocking

Color blocking in home decor is a wondrous trend. And is best portrayed in living spaces. Krsna Mehta, the Design Director explains how you can celebrate your home and décor with color blocking, in all of its forms, from walls to accessories.

Color blocking is the art of layering colors together, to brighten up the decor. To introduce this style into the home décor, it’s fundamental to go all out with bright combinations, like – cushion covers, furniture and wall arts. This style will absolutely transform your spaces, and give it a different radiance. Be careful while selecting the colors though. The combinations have to work.

The idea is to use contrasting blocks of solid colors to highlight a feature, like – the walls, sofas, etc. If you use this technique in the right way, you can create the magic of comfort and style. Thus, you will definitely create a customized and defined living space, treating yourself to luxury.

You can initially try this trend on a smaller scale by incorporating it as a single unit, like putting up a colorful wall art or painting shelves in alternating hues, or using vibrant furniture fabric or setting up a colorful table décor. This style will make the space look cozy and vibrant at the same time.

And of course, there are exceptions, some people may not want to go all the way and color walls with bold colors. Thus a simple way to incorporate color blocking into your home décor, is to accent accessories with contrasting colors. For example For example, bright cushion covers will highlight the neutral sofas. , set of colorful candle votive will add a royal touch to your Puja room, posters will add a tinge of pop to your wall etc. These delights will spruce up your neutral décor and look pristine.

Colour Blocking

If you love colors and are not afraid of a makeover, color blockings is the best inspiration. This trend will definitely upgrade your living spaces with a touch of exotic mystery.

To create a complete custom place, and to let the magic of comfort and style collide try color blocking with India Circus. Here are some special selections made by Krsna Mehta, just for you.

Garden of Shangrila

Colour Blocking Lamp

Colour Blocking FCC

Party Royal

CC Table Runner

Colour Blocking Votive

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