Crazy About Scented Candles & Exotic Fragrances......

Crazy About Scented Candles & Exotic Fragrances......

From a romantic dinner, to a relaxing evening that’s all about coffee and chats, candles are the quintessential element in any setting that inspire and bring in a mood that’s calm, serene, and truly scenic! A beautiful candle, though relatively smaller in size as compared to a big showpiece, still has the power to attract a lot of eyes and attention towards it. And when set in a complementing stand or holder, it looks even more stunning and striking.


Create the ambiance with India Circus’ recently launched array of scented candles. They promise to delight your senses, with their exquisite looks and gentle fragrances. We have designed the candles in a range of sizes and shapes; so, there’s a perfect one for any part of your room. From long, elongated pieces, to short, compact ones, we have it all. And these candles are wrapped in the arms of really interesting-looking tin, and glass holders that have some crazy, some quirky, some cool, and some completely classy moods to them.


We have a range of scented T-light candles too.Yummy mango-flavoured scented candles, calming ocean-inspired fragrances, soft cotton flower fun…here’s a real calming treat for you!


What’s more, the aesthetic journey of your room can be taken a few miles further with our fancy incense stick holders!

Introduce your room to the magic of visual appeal and fun of fragrances, now!check out our scented candle collection now.


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