Creating Expensive-Looking Decor on a Budget

Creating Expensive-Looking Decor on a Budget

Want to spruce up your home decor but wondering how? Don’t worry; we got you. 

We all want a well-adorned house with luxurious textures and whimsical accents, each piece placed so carefully that it creates an opulent atmosphere. But sometimes, interior decor can be heavy on the bank account. Hence, India Circus has compiled eight low-budget home decor ideas to augment your living space beautifully. 

If you want the effect of elegance and refinement to reflect your impeccable taste and eye for detail, read the article to establish an expensive-looking decor on a budget!

1. Use a neutral colour palette for a lavish look.

Use a neutral colour palette for a lavish look

A neutral colour palette bestows a sense of sophistication on any grand design scheme. You can create a timeless, calming, graceful look with beige, taupe, or soft grey muted tones. Combined with sumptuous textures such as silk or velvet makes an eclectic and attractive space. 

For walls, we suggest you use a warm shade of beige or taupe to formulate a tranquil atmosphere. Keep the furniture subtle to complement the walls flawlessly. You can mix different textures to add more depth and interest to the space. Incorporate soft lighting, as it will enhance the richness of the colours. Additionally, use metallic accents for a touch of glamour. 

If searching for accent pieces seems too tedious, you may check out India Circus. It offers various accessories, from copper tumblers to jugs and water dispensers. You will also find eye-catchy table runners, planters, and wall art that will complement your neutral colour palette and furnish a luxurious look. 

2. Display artwork like never before.

Display artwork like never before by India Circus

Art is something that you can always go right with. If you want to make your house look expensive on a budget, go big with art. Wall art, from modern to rustic, can be used in any interior design style. It bestows an understated elegance that exudes luxury without being too flashy or bold. 

Your new house decoration will impress if you incorporate statement art pieces. India Circus’ artwork is a celebration of India’s rich cultural heritage. It offers bright and beautiful wall art, combining modern design elements and traditional Indian motifs. From playful elephants to intricate mandalas, India Circus has a vast collection for you to choose from. 

Introduce a touch of India’s magic into your space with artwork. Not only do they add a pop of colour to the walls, but they also brighten up the room, making your home decor look expensive. 

3. Mix textures and create experiences. 

Another way of establishing expensive-looking home decor on a budget is by mixing textures. Mixing textures develop a tactile experience that is both visually ravishing and satisfying to the mind. Different textures combine different emotions and experiences, creating something distinctive and beautiful. 

If you are looking for designs that reflect the richness of life, check out the colourful and vibrant accent pieces at India Circus. The possibilities are endless, from intricate rug patterns to bold prints on the cushions. However, just make sure you keep the colour palette cohesive for a luxurious and stylish space. 

4. Add a piece of history.

Add a piece of history from India Circus

If you want affordable home decor but don’t want to compromise on the royal feel, what better than to add a piece of history? We suggest you add something beautiful to the eyes and peaceful to the soul—for instance, table runners embroidered with traditional Indian textiles. Add decorative pillows, intricately designed rugs, and tableware resembling ancient Indian history.

Add a piece of history by India Circus

India Circus takes pride in offering an extensive collection of home decor products inspired by India’s vibrant culture. One of the most famous historical pieces is the Mughal-inspired cushion cover. It’s sure to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your home decor. 

5. Flowers and plants are a must!

Flowers and plants are a must

Vibrant blooms and lush greenery will make your home look expensive and ethereal. Whether you choose fresh-cut flowers or potted plants, it will create a serene and refreshing atmosphere. Consider placing succulents on a windowsill or a vase of colourful tulips on your dinner table for an effortless yet chic display. 

Whatever your style is, there is no denying that bringing nature indoors is a timeless and luxe trend that will never go out of style. Place a fiddle leaf fig tree for added drama, or hang ferns for a bohemian vibe. Check out the India Circus collection to reap the same aesthetic benefits. From bold statement pieces to subtle accents, you will find it all. 

6. Add new floor coverings or rugs

Add new floor coverings or rugs

Have your old wooden floors creaked underfoot? Guess it’s time for you to add new floor coverings. Adding rugs or floor coverings furnishes an expensive look to your home decor. Rugs designed with intricate patterns and bold colours will allow you to decorate your house on a budget. Not only do they up the aesthetics, but they also create a cosy atmosphere that will make you feel at home. 

India Circus has plenty in store if you are looking for budget-friendly, stylish rugs. With these high-quality, material rugs, you won’t help but smile at how soft it feels against your bare feet. Rugs are a great addition to transform your room into a functional space and furnish a lavish look.

7. Create an accent wall

Create an accent wall

An accent wall will help you achieve affordable home decor without breaking the bank. Choose a wall with a focal point, such as the one behind your bed. Select a wallpaper pattern or paint that goes well with the existing decor. 

If you want a bold look, choose a bright colour. Neutral tones or textured wallpapers are apt for a significantly subtle look. Creating an accent wall adds a pop of colour and visual appeal to the home decor and also bestows an expensive look, which is exactly what you’re seeking. 

8. Elevate the look of old furniture

Elevate the look of old furniture

Elevate the look of old furniture and transform it into a stylish and modern piece. Reupholster the cushions and add new throws. Add new hardware to the old furniture or paint it with bold colours for a fresh look. If you want to keep the original wood finish, polish it with premium-quality furniture oil. 

Also, do not shy away from accessorising. Accessories are the absolute game changer for low-budget home decor ideas. Add a statement lamp, decorative vase, or artwork that complements the furniture. With creativity and effort, you can transform your old furniture into an eye-catching statement, emanating rich and luxurious vibes. 

Final words 

Enhancing the aesthetics of your home decor and adding some high-end touches doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Home decor on a budget is made easy with the ideas mentioned above. Following these affordable home decor ideas, you can create expensive-looking decor on a budget. Just remember to be creative and shop smart!

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