Cutting Chai: Connects India

Cutting Chai: Connects India

My popularity is no mystery. I calm the mind, improve digestion and provide numerous additional advantages. I am an ancient beverage treasured by people in every part of India for my delicious flavor and vital health benefits.


But what is never thought off about me is that I have been a lifelong friend to each Indian and actually shared your happiness and sorrows. From generations, I have been a connector of 2 souls who meet their better halves through me and decide to spend their life together. I have been a part of joint families, festive, friends, weddings etc. I have been a partner to the young generation who preferred me instead of cigarettes and alcohols. I never fail to help my friends when they are stuck with their thoughts at work. I have comforted all the trackers and travelers and have indeed enjoyed the various locations with them. My best bit is that I have always been a friend to all the lonely oldies who did not have a complete family to share their life in the end.

Cutting Chai: Connects India

And you know what’s worth it, that even after being accompanied with numerous delicious delicacies like cup cakes, biscuits and thousands more, I am the one who gets a different pair every day!


So my success mantra is that “The hotter I am, the cooler my relations get”

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