Date Night Jar

 Date Night Jar

Inside each one of us is a hardcore romantic. We feed our souls on romcoms, hope to be Sleepless In Seattle, and are mostly, thoroughly Addicted to Love.

Unfortunately though, not all of us a rolling in wads of money. So romantic date ideas are hard to come by.

We have a simple and delightful DIY idea to make your life very very romantic indeed. And this one needs no breaking of the bank. All you need are a few popsicle sticks, some craft supplies, an empty glass jar that you would like to recycle, and loads of imagination!

So get ready to create your own, fabulous “Date Jar”, and spice things up, throughout the year! It’s a fun, and inexpensive way to keep your romantic life fresh, new, and exciting.

Supplies you need for this project:
Paint in three colours
Paint brush, or some foam sticks to paint the popsicle sticks
One long glass jar, washed and cleaned. Label removed.
Rope to wrap around the glass jar
Craft Glue
Paper doilies
Some cute stickers
A piece of red craft paper
Black sharpie

DIY - Material Required

The three colours, whichever ones you choose, are for three kinds of dates:

    Colour 1: Inexpensive ones at home. Need no planning
    Colour 2: About town, but not expensive. Need a bit of planning
    Colour 3: Special dates. Involve money and planning

Do two coats of paint on each popsicle stick. Leave them aside to dry.
Paint on Popsicle Stick

Now start with the glass jar.
Start wrapping the rope or ribbon of your choice around the glass jar, till it’s completely covered. Leave it aside to dry.

Rope around Glass Jar

Now that your popsicle sticks are painted and ready, start writing out a date idea on each one.
Ideas on stick

We have listed a few ideas for you to get started, but really, let your imagination loose and think of some crazy, cute, funny ideas to share with your partner. Really, sky is the limit here!
Ideas to share with your Partner

Some more ideas –
Expensive dates:
1)Bed and breakfast
2)Couples massage
3)Concert {his choice}
4)Concert {her choice}
5)Overnight/weekend trip to another city
6)Dinner and a play
7)Wine tasting session
8)Couples’ Day Spa

Out of the House Dates:
1)Coffee and chat
2)Dinner at a new restaurant
3)Go for ice cream
4)Movie night {his choice}
5)Movie night {her choice}
6)Bookstore and coffee date
7)Trip to the local Aquarium
8)Beach and sushi {take a stroll or ride on the beach and enjoy sushi afterward}
9)Street Food date

At Home Dates:
1)He cooks, she cooks date {we will each have a basket of ingredients the other has chosen and have to make a dish out of it}
2)At home picnic
3)Living room camp-out
4)Couples game night { ask each other questions about ourselves and see who gets the most right answers, small prizes for the winner}
5)Paris Date {dinner, drink and a movie all incorporating Paris some how}
6)Movie night {his choice}
7)Movie night {her choice}
8)Cocktails night
9)Board games by candle light
10)Fondue night

Once you are done with the jar and the date sticks, get down to decorating your Date Jar.
Decorate Date Jar
Decorated Date Jar

Every week, one partner gets to choose a date, depending on what you are in the mood for. The colours of the sticks let you know what kind of date you will be going for.
Beautiful Date Jar

Once your date jar is ready, present it to your partner with your favourite cup of tea or coffee, and watch their face light up with joy.
Now get busy, Love Birds!!

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