How to make a candle Votive

How to make a candle Votive

An easy way to make a pretty candle holder is by using a simple glass and wrapping it in lace trim. You can use different kinds of lace trim depending on your taste. We have used black lace in this piece as it makes for nice mood lighting.

Candle Votive

The following are the things required
• A shot glass
• Candle
• Black Lace
• Scissors
• Glue

Designer Candle Votive

Take a transparent shot glass or any used candle glass holder. Cut off a strip of the lace measuring the perimeter of the glass.

Beautiful Candle Votive

Stick the lace around the glass so that it stays intact. Make sure that it is neatly stuck to the glass and it doesn’t fall apart.

Elegant Candle Votive

Place a tea light candle in the glass and light it. You could even put a little water in the glass and then put a floating candle in the glass and light it.

This will create a beautiful effect at night; the burning candle in the glass will illuminate and create a beautiful pattern on the outside.

Candle Votive On Your Dinning Table

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