If you are planning to host that intimate dinner party or you would just like to add some brightness to your home, this DIY project are just for you. Here we tell you how in a few simple and easy steps, you can make a colourful flower arrangement.

Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Start with getting your supplies. The following things will be required.
• A Bowl
• Cello tape
• Scissors
• Fresh flowers two types or two colour-any variety

Material Required

Take a bowl and put cello tape in it making it into a mesh as shown in the picture.

Bowl With A Mesh

Then cut the stems of the remaining coloured flowers and arrange them in the middle of the bowl.

Arrangement Of The Flowers

Put some water in the bowl and place it in the center of your dining table or any other part of your home.

Voila! it’s done and it looks beautiful on a dinner table. Doesn’t it ?

Flower Arrangement On Your Table

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