Pretty leaves, pleasant winds, and just a beautiful feel in the air…that is what the Fall/Winter season is all about! And, as the season is almost knocking at our door (or, should we say, ‘outside our window’!), we bring to you an exclusive collection that celebrates the joys of this season. Titled ‘Dazzling Fall/Winter 14’, this collection has a world of products that go perfectly well with the colours and charm of the season.

Whether you are a lady or a man, five years of age or 50, a housewife or a professional woman, there’s something or the other for everyone to choose from in Dazzling Fall/Winter 14!


For your living room, we give you a range of bright and colourful cushion covers and striking wall art. Moving on to the dining room, we have breathtaking table runners and pretty little coasters. And, of course, we pep-up your otherwise bleh-looking fridge with some exciting magnets.
Now, let’s move to your office, or perhaps the study room in your home itself. Jot down those important notes or points in our funky notebooks (it can be your secret diary, too, where you pour out your heart!). The colourful memo pads, iPad covers and visiting card holders are going to make you feel and look so prim and propah, yet fun and funky!

You can up your style quotient with the Dazzling Fall/Winter 14 collection’s array of apparels and fashion accessories. Think…super classy and colourful ladies and men’s wallets, eye-catching spectacle cases, cute ballerinas, elegant stoles, exciting ties and ties-pockets squares-cufflinks gift sets, and a range of pretty clothes for little boys and girls.

So, get ready to enjoy the winds, and to dazzle up with Dazzling Fall/Winter 14!

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