Deck up your home like Emily in Paris

Make your style quotient high with India Circus' Interior Design Trends 2023

Bonjour! Emily in Paris, one of the most-watched shows, is back with its 3rd season on Netflix, transporting us to the world of fashion and ticking all boxes of the stunning Parisian architecture. While most of us take fashion inspiration from Emily, it’s not that difficult to take cues from its astute interior design and aesthetic. Right from Emily’s apartment to her office Savoir, the show hits all notes of the chic Parisian interiors which is not too hard to replicate. 

Bold prints, bright colors, paneled walls, and wicker furniture – it comes together in a beautiful melange that is eye-popping yet classy.

So, here are some home décor items to add the Parisian touch to your own space this year!

  •  Thé de Paris

Cacatua Galerita's Realm Tea for One by India Circus

Sipping a cup of tea on your balcony staring at the Eiffel Tower. Mmm soothing! Well, let’s get that feeling to your home. Small elements like a tea set, can add a lot of difference and mood to your mornings.

  • Up against the wall
Blue Lattice Treasures Wall Mirror by India Circus

French is all about shapes and shades! Make a bold statement with mirror art on the wall. Whether your space is empty or sprawling, create a focal point with an eye-catching piece of art that makes it the talk of the town.

  • Curve Appeal
World From My Window Ottoman by India Circus

When watching Emily in Paris, you’ll notice plenty of contemporary furniture styles with strong curve appeal, regardless of which set you to find yourself in. There are couches with fluting, circular contemporary coffee tables, and seating with rounded backs—all hallmarks of classic French design.

  • Draw the Shades
Grey Floral Galore Full Length Curtain by India Circus

Whether you have a room with a view or not, curtains with bright colors and stunning floral art will definitely ship one’s mood to Paris.

  • Soothing Scents
Pear Pardine Gleam Large Brass Candle Votive by India Circus

A scented candle is one ornamental item that practically all French ladies keep in their apartments. Emily has only recently moved to Paris, yet she has already caught up on this cozy design cliche. Not only does it create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, but also makes one feel more inviting not to mention the beautiful olfactory effect it may have after.

  • Spice your Side
Mirroring Deer Garden Side Table by India Circus

A side table can do more than just support your coffee/tea cup. The side table will draw everyone’s attention with a stack of books and some flowers. The background and reflecting artwork give it a quirky appearance. Think baby’s breath in a holder or a stack of books with your reading glasses on top.

  • Threads of Life
Ethnic Circles Satin Blend Cushion Cover Set of 5 by India Circus

Let your cushions do the talking! Although Emily’s wardrobe choices are undoubtedly daring and spectacular, the color schemes used in Parisian furnishings are less so. To get the effortlessly ‘put-together’ aesthetic the French are so good at, neutral colors like whites and beiges, are paired with delicate prints and patterns. 

  • Where there is a wall, there is a way
Crepe Floret Delight Wallpaper by India Circus

Have an empty wall? Did not find the right wall art? Confused about what to do with the wall? One wallpaper and it will speak the love language. Search for works that reflect your distinct taste and preferences while choosing wallpaper for your home.

  • Weaving Magic
Aqua Clover's Knotty Play Rug by India Circus

Your floor needs a makeover as much as your walls and furniture do. You can flaunt your floor with a knotty rug. Well, Parisian interiors are all about parquet floors, but a rug will add contemporary as well as an understatement to your home.

  •  Make it Lit!
Flower Regalia Drum Table Lamp by India Circus

The big globe lamp that was placed on Emily’s desk would have definitely caught one’s eye. Or how about Sylvie’s apartment’s mushroom light and Gabriel’s restaurant’s adorable bistro lights? There is no shortage of excellent table lamps or lighting in general in this show, that much is certain. For a quick ambient mood, place a lamp next to your bed, your desk at home, or even the floor.

Grab your croissant and get ready because these pieces have that unique “je ne sais quoi” if you want to harness your inner Emily and give your home the chic style update it deserves.

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