Deck your homes up as your favourite OTT shows do

Deck your homes up as your favourite OTT shows do

OTT platforms have become an integral part of our lives, especially post the pandemic. The diversity of content is what has kept us hooked on it. Sometimes, the right series or movies strike a chord of creativity to turn a particular element from the show into a show-stopping eye candy in our own space. The intriguing set and production designs tell a story similar to the shows.

From choosing colour palettes identical to the shows to including accessories that pay homage to our favourite shows there are numerous ways that pop culture makes its way into our homes. Sometimes, even though we have the reference, we need a little help to make it right.

Here are some shows with great design inspirations and ideas on how to incorporate them into your homes:


The royal affair is not only full of drama, but also colour and design, and there is much that can be emulated especially with the upcoming wedding season in India. The show absorbs plenty of rich and colourful upholstery and varied palettes of jewel tones embracing the luxurious feel of the British era. We can certainly be inspired by the use of colours in home décor accessories and wallpapers

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel 

The story of a homemaker turned comedian’s pre-war Upper East Side home in Manhattan, New York is certainly dreamy and timeless. The colour palette of this home runs between white and off-white. The pop of colour through certain elements like the cushions, lamps and floral wallpapers add an effervescent look to the home.

The Crown

Although the great production designer Martis Childs never had a chance to shoot at Buckingham Palace or any of its apartments, his expertise in the opulent setup has flourished season after season. The royal setup is certainly doused in rich English colours and adorned by luxurious elements like big clocks, distinctive wallpapers, antique centrepieces and lots more. If not for the antiques and oversized clocks, a humble home can still be decorated in this unique royal style. The bedding and rugs can include various motifs and hues. Long curtains and small but unique figurines with traditional lamps will do the magic. 


Last but not least, “Friends”. Yet another show is based in New York’s Manhattan on Groove street. Monica’s granny-chic apartment involves a lot of purples. The open living room with sofas and couches is the one to certainly remember. The big bright cushions with elaborate prints add a whole new dimension to the room. The rugs, planters, and kitchen accessories add the perfect finishing touch to the setup. These elements can totally spruce up your home and make for a lovely open layout that can keep the conversation flowing.

Masaba Masaba


Just like her line of clothing, Masaba talks a lot through her choices in home decor. Bold prints, lively colours and a blend of modern and traditional inspiration are truly mesmerising onscreen. The unique blend of modern meets contemporary along with a pop of trending elements is surely something to look forward to. The Chevron Safari Cushion Covers in the living area, along with the wooden furniture. are definitely thought starters for your decor ideas. 

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