Decor trends to look forward to in 2022 by Krsnaa Mehta

Decor trends to look forward to in 2022 by Krsnaa Mehta

When you have a home that serves as an extension to your  lifestyle for years to come, choosing a décor theme can seem a tricky task to tackle. According to me, an elegant home is typically full of subdued colour and well-placed accents throughout, weaving a contemporary note that gives a special character to it and is malleable to be able to offer a sense of distinctness.

In 2021, there was a lot more ‘at home’ time and though décor trends are always changing, the focus on the coming year should be to create a space that is flexible and versatile while not compromising on the luxury and language of design.

With people being more mindful about interiors and with the increasing focus on emotional and mental well-being during the pandemic, trends will align more towards creating a space that celebrates individuality and uniqueness. 

Welcome Back Colour

A neutral colour scheme has lost its attractiveness after being inside for so long. Colors are being used to revitalise areas and offer a little excitement to the mundane. Swapping around your decor is the quickest and easiest method to add a splash of colour to your area. Bring in bolder-colored pillows, blankets, curtains, and artwork to see how the room comes to life.

Bringing outdoor inside your home

Since the pandemic has minimized our ability to travel and experience things we love, why not just bring in a reminiscence of a favourite holiday place into your home. Something like pretty wallpapers, that draw inspiration from the synergy around your beloved vacation spot. Introduce a tapestry of triumph to your home decor with the Latest Designs in Contemporary Wallpapers. The composition on this range showcases a spread of triumphal arches, with multiple arched passageways. The massive squared pavilions on either side of the arch depict Indian architecture in its strongest form. A curtain of red flowers on the overtop conjures a soothing twist to the architectural power play.

Sustainable and Natural Decor

People are bringing the outdoors inside, perhaps because we don’t spend as much time outside as we used to. In 2022, decor and furniture that aid in the creation of a connection to nature will remain at the forefront of interior design.

This is the one trend to follow in the coming year. It’s both healthy and attractive, regardless of your personal style. It’s also quite simple to implement into practically any environment. Natural materials such as bamboo, cane, and stone are preferable than plastic and other synthetics. Choose natural fibres such as cotton, linen, and wool for your linens and textiles. Plants, rather than ornaments, should be used as decor.

Multi-Functional Rooms

Rooms that serve several purposes are in high demand now that we do so many different things at home. We need functional places that can do more than one task, whether it’s a dining room that also serves as a classroom or an office that also serves as a gym. Look for furniture that is easy to move or fold away to make your home multi-functional. Pieces with concealed storage or that can be utilised for anything else will also help you make the most of your available space..Truth be told, the  Chevron Palms Laptray will lure you into taking a beach holiday with its palm motifs against chevron background print. On functional front it comes with MDF to provide base for your laptop with enough room for your wrist for those long tiring hours

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