Decorate your home with cushions!

Decorate your home with cushions!

Doing up your home does not mean that it has to be an expensive process. One of the easiest ways to add a touch of warmth and sophistication to a room is by using cushion covers. Cushion covers come in various designs and sizes and always provide a colorful and elegant feel.

Beautiful Cushion Covers

Cushions not only accentuate your home, they also bring together the look and feel of a room. An important factor to keep in mind while buying cushions is the colour of the upholstery in a room. Avoid colours that will merge with the background and opt instead for cushions that will stand out.

Colorful Covers

Keeping an overall look in mind is also essential to the process. For e.g. if your home has an ethnic feel to it then get cushions which have interesting Indian motifs and patterns. Alternately you could also go for a mix of cushions which prevent the look from becoming too monotonous. A bright splash of color in a corner will make the space look more inviting and cheerful.

The kind of fabric that a cushion cover has can also make a difference. If you want a slightly more rich and royal feel, then use cushion covers that have are made of a silk. For a slightly lighter feel, go for a texture which is not completely glossy.

Another way to create a seating arrangement is to use floor cushions. With the right rug, floor cushions can add some charm to the room. Also, this can be used as a fun seating space for kids or even for a more casual get together.

Floor Cushions

Cushions need not only be used indoors. If you have an outdoor space such as a wooden bench or a wrought iron chair, then some colorful cushion covers will completely liven up the space. Bright colours, floral patterns will be perfect for a quaint outdoor arrangement.
The upside of using cushions to decorate your home is that they’re easy to maintain. Also cushion covers can be mixed around and you don’t necessarily need to stick to the same arrangement. Cushions definitely make for a comfortable yet interesting way to add that elegance to your home.

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