Design extraordinaire Krsnaa Mehta’s Alibaug Home - Vrindavan Awas

<strong>Design extraordinaire Krsnaa Mehta’s Alibaug Home - Vrindavan Awas</strong>

Warm, secluded yet accessible and amidst lush gardens, design extraordinaire Krsnaa Mehta’s penthouse in Alibaug offers the comfort of the modern world with the charm of a tropical wonderland. Located in Awas, 10 minutes away from Mandwa, it is the perfect spot to slow down and enjoy the good life. A sprawling property with gazebos, a terrace, and a private pool, this luxurious home comes with scenic views of the Arabian sea, sounds of crashing waves, and stunning views of the sunset. Built by Rajesh Bhaskaran of Earth Weavers, and spread across 6,000 square-feet, it is a tastefully designed abode where the outdoors seamlessly blend with the interiors. Krsnaa Mehta partnered with design firm Hamza Singaporewala and Aditya Ghosalkar of H&A Design + Build who completed the house in a record 90 days.  “When I decided to make this home, I was looking at something at a height. At Awas, you don’t face the trees, you’re just above them and that’s the best part – making it the most beautiful neighbourhood in Alibaug. It was a good decision because I wanted something instantly and not spend years and years building a house. It serves as my private sanctuary which blends space and time beautifully together!” says Mehta.

Done up tastefully in bold colours and clean lines, the space is an eclectic mix of modern and classical elements. The idea was to incorporate the outside with the inside seamlessly.  What makes it a classic Krsnaa Mehta home is without a doubt,  the unabashed use of colour and wallpaper. Even the flooring has a heritage pattern which is contemporary. All these elements come together seamlessly to create his new abode.  Speaking on the design objective, he says, “The design objective while doing this house was to make it a space where every element is reflective of my aesthetic yet brings the magic of modern art come together from every angle. As one one walks into the house, you realize that one has managed to do justice to the design narrative. For instance the use of wallpapers that reflect the flora and fauna outside, to flowering plants and objects that really matter.  What more could I have asked for, to live in a beautiful environment such as this, where I have a sandy beach on one side, the mountains and an oasis of tranquil trees on the other.

The house is built on many levels. It starts off with four gazebos on the rooftop which introduce you to the entire expanse of the countless trees and the sound of the ocean coming from beyond them. It is truly surreal. Then, as you walk into the house, which is just an extension of the front, the flora and fauna continue seamlessly and blend in as the design elements. While walking down to the pool, the plant and flower designs continue. I say it is multi-level because there’s a sense of discovery at every step. All your senses are heightened and at peace when you are there…in the moment!”

Speaking on his sacred spot of the house, Krsnaa says “My favorite corner in the house is invariably the smaller living seating area. I prefer a cozy environment although there is also a large seating area. The smaller one has a two-seater emerald green velvet couch with a couple of more chairs thrown in which is perfectly suited for an intimate evening. This way it’s more personal and each emotion whether laughter or energy is infectious and more personal” quotes Krsnaa Mehta 
Krsnaa Mehta’s design spaces always have his signature wall arts. Here is how he curates and creates this artistry-  “The wall arts in the house are supposed to mesmerize you and take you on a journey. If you see the wallpapers, each of them have elements of nature. They tell a wonderful little story of how one travels from within the house to outside it.  It literally communicates how nature plays the  most important role in the storytelling through these visual delights.  These romantic, magical sort of designs lend a sense of warmth and you can feel the beauty of the surroundings through every element”, echoes Krsnaa Mehta

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