Design Trends for 2014

Design Trends for 2014

The New Year is here and it is time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. This week we explore what are the latest trends, styles and design which we should look forward to this coming season for home interiors. As always, IndiaCircus would love to provide you with insider tips for those design elements which will make your home all the more special.

Design Trends 2014


This is the year when walls will play an important part in the overall aesthetics of the room. White walls are now a thing of the past and now to add that touch of glamour and drama into a room, walls will have darker accents, even shades such as black. Colours such as rich and saturated indigo to navy are also providing the look for the season. Vibrant shades like peacock blue and cobalt blue will continue to be the favorites.

Turquoise is also a colour which is in vogue right now. From wall hangings, upholstery and furniture, this colour is perfect to add that flair and sophistication into your home. Other interesting colour combinations which combine shades such as dark blue or green with pops of bright colours such as hot pink and yellow will also be an interesting trend to explore.

Home Decor Trends

Interior spaces

This is the year of making the predictable into the unpredictable. Areas such as the kitchen are no longer ordinary. Elaborate cabinets with rich colours, different lighting fixtures and surfaces made out of materials such as malachite and so on are adding that glamour element to the kitchen.

Another trend which is also taking off is that of having a room that is versatile. This means that people would like to have their homes evolve with them in terms of taste and style. Having a neutral base and then additions over a period of time such as rugs, tables, mirrors and so on means that the décor of the room grows with you rather than staying fixed.

Layering is also very in this season. The mixing of different materials and textures such as wood, metal and fabric will only add those unique elements to your home. Décor will also be more relaxed with designs using earth tones and raw metal finishes.

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Furniture & Accessories

One of the main trends this year in terms of furniture and accessories will be that people will want to show off their personalities. Vintage furniture, those one of a kind pieces are the kind of products people will want to show off the uniqueness of their home.

Acrylic furniture is also quite in demand these days. Clear with clean lines and a modern sense of design, this furniture will give a contemporary twist on the traditional. Building on this, accessories will be artistic, playful and exciting. Curios picked up on travels or found in some corner of the city will be the items of choice.

All in all, 2014 will be the year of style and personality when it comes to doing up your home.

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