Dine in Style: Top 7 Diwali Dinner Set Gifts by India Circus

Dine in Style: Top 7 Diwali Dinner Set Gifts by India Circus

Excited about Diwali? So are we! It is one time of the year when all our surroundings are beautifully decorated. The homes, workspaces, and every other place is lit up with dazzling lights. And you can see a little smile and enthusiasm on everyone’s face as you pass by them on your way. You get decked up in traditional attires, do the puja, wish everyone well, exchange gifts, and enjoy the most delectable spread of food. The much-awaited Diwali dinner is definitely a time filled with love, laughter, and various flavours!

With the preparations in full swing, we thought of coming up with some hit Diwali gift ideas! Since food is such an intricate part of our Diwali celebrations, the hosts definitely need a dinner set that will turn heads and enhance the look of the table tenfold! 

Unique Dinner Sets from India Circus: Diwali Dinner Made Stylish and Stunning

Unique Dinner Sets from India Circus

When it comes to food, presentation matters a lot. You will see professional chefs carefully pick different types of serve ware to serve different food. A Diwali menu surely includes mouth-watering dishes that everyone will fondly dig in. But imagine this- the guests enter, and they are simply awed by the appearance of your dinner table! Now you know when you choose a Diwali gift dinner set, the receiver will be very happy. Let’s look at your options!

A Complete Dinner Set: For an Extravagant Touch

A Complete Dinner Set

Diwali is certainly the time to go big on gifts. When you feel the same, a dinner set for a gift will be ideal. If you think it is a common idea, think again because, with our selection of dinner sets, you are in for some unique items. Pick the Petal Perfection Dinner Set, and you will get the blend of elegance and sophistication. The soft petal-like accents will give a classic look, while the colour palette containing two tones will complement any dining table. This ceramic set is accented with 22-carat gold, adding to the glamour. The final touch would be the use of eco-friendly materials!

Another close-to-the-nature option is the Nature’s Bloom Dinner Set. Again, you will see elegant floral motifs with 22-carat gold accents. The shiny finish catches the eye quickly, and the high quality ensures a satisfying use. Next, we have a beauty in blue- Botanical Elegance Dinner Set! The different hues of blue used to create graceful designs will make anyone fall in love with the colour. Yes, you get accents of 22-carat gold and premium material with this set. Our final mention is the Gardenia Dreams Dinner Set. The colour palette here is on the softer side, which makes it the best match for intimate Diwali dinners. 

While you decide which dinner set your loved one will prefer the most, here are some more details! Each set comes with 20 pieces. There will be 6 dinner plates, 6 side plates, 6 lentil bowls, and 2 curry bowls. All pieces are made with bone china. You can put them in the dishwasher but on a gentle cycle. 

Plates: Make Every Bite Memorable

Plates Make Every Bite Memorable

Plates are very useful household gifts for Diwali. There will be so many guests, and the hosts will need to serve so many different items. So, plates are essential. But which plate to pick? We will mainly talk about three types- dinner plates, quarter plates, and pasta plates. Dinner plates are to serve the main courses during dinner, while quarter plates are smaller in size. And pasta plates are self-explanatory. The plates are somewhere between a plate and a bowl. The sides are flat like a plate, but the middle has a dent like a bowl, which is quite convenient for serving pasta. 

The Swirling Safari Dinner Plate comes with prints of elephant safaris around the edges, which creates a royal look. The Mystical Garden Dinner Plate, with its motifs of conifer trees and jaguars, will also help set up a fun-looking table. For people fond of flowers, the Rose Mallow Moscheutos Dinner Plate or the Rosa Eden Elizabeth Dinner Plate will be perfect! 

You will see multiple options in quarter plates with similar themes of flowers, plants, and safaris. What about pasta plates? Similar pieces from the dinner set range, like Nature’s Bloom, Gardenia Dreams, and Petal Perfection pasta bowls, are there.  

Note that the dinner and quarter plates come in single pieces, while pasta plates are in sets of two. Feel free to pick any number of similar plates or mismatches to create a unique dinner set gift box.

Bowls: Serve with the Magical Ingredient of Love!

Bowls Serve with the Magical Ingredient of Love

You can serve the rice dishes and bread on the plates, but you also need something to serve all the rich curries and soups. You will also need bowls to serve popcorn or snacks while you have conversations or watch a film. Bowls are also great for serving salads, starters, etc. So, without further ado, check out the beautiful range of bowls! Each gift bowl set has three pieces of the same size. These bowls also have 22-carat gold accents and are manufactured using bone china. 

In terms of design, you will see a lot of flora and trees. FIY, the Cacatua Galerita’s Realm Nikko Bowl Set, the Marine Opulence Nikko Bowl, and the Verdant Chef d’oeuvre Nikko Bowl Set are quite different from the rest of the dinnerware collection!

Elevate the Diwali Dinner Table with India Circus!

Elevate the Diwali Dinner Table with India Circus

The opulent traditions, heritage, and culture of India deserve to be showcased and celebrated on a global scale. India Circus has done something similar! It has created exceptional ranges of home decor, dining, accessories, fashion, furniture, wall decor and wall art, keeping a soothing balance between traditional elegance and contemporary bits. That is why whenever you visit India Circus, you are welcomed with quintessentially unique Indian touches!

When it comes to Diwali gifts and household items, India Circus has come up with some great pieces. These products are delightful and of premium quality. A dinner set, plate set, or bowl set for a gift, anything you order will elevate the dinner table; there’s no doubt about that!

Visit our offline or online store, look at the different products we have, place your order, and make the payment using your preferred getaway, and we will bring a smile to your face and the faces of your loved ones. Happy Diwali and happy shopping!

Dine in style this festive season with our curated Diwali dinner sets!
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