Dinner Essentials Edit- Fall in love with these perfect dinner table essentials for your next get-together

Dinner Essentials Edit- Fall in love with these perfect dinner table essentials for your next get-together

A dinner set is usually the first thing that springs to mind when we talk about setting the table. The blank canvas for the dinner is your choice of plates, bowls, and accessories, which establishes the tone for the occasion, whether it’s casual or formal; classic or contemporary. It’s all about matching your tableware to the way you eat and entertain when choosing the proper dining set. A smart option will strike the correct combination of style and utility for your home, and will be well-suited not only to your table, but also to your kitchen and cooking style. Here is how you can choose the right dinner set for you.


The tone of your dinner table is the first thing to think about. Dinner sets are traditionally classified as either “casual” or “formal.” Do you want something reliable that you can use every day? Or are you looking for something fashionable and eye-catching for a special occasion? Frequently, the answer is a combination of the two. The modern approach to tone is adaptable, as having a separate dining set solely for entertaining isn’t always practicable. The Flowers and Ferns Dinner Plate from India Circus sets features a selection of everyday, classic designs (e.g. White Basics) which can easily be expanded into a more formal dinner set with the addition of a few more decorative pieces from other ranges. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations. The Flowers and Ferns dinner plate is one of the chicest pieces you will ever come across. The design on the dinnerware features floral and conical tree motifs in a latticed framework and is in hues of blue, red and green giving it an elegant outlook. 


The style of your dinner set should ideally reflect your unique preferences; it should make you happy every time you set the table. India Circus offers an unrivalled selection of designs, ranging from simple to opulent to fun and whimsical. Experiment with different styles and textures, and think about your home’s décor, as well as any accessories or napery. An intimate dinner can be achieved with a modest guest list, few laughs and good food. The tableware completes the look. That’s where the pop-coloured Natures Essence Paradise Dinner Sets comes in. Featuring simple sepal prints smeared on top of a netted framework of jali, the composition is constructed with animal motifs, florals and geometry. Don’t miss the beautiful floral motifs in the repeat pattern on the katori. It’s a perfect chic and stylish addition to your table


Choose the shape of dinnerware which best matches your style. Square, oblong or oval plates have an edgier, more contemporary feel, while round shapes retain a classic appeal. The Mystical Garden Crockery set is a perfect way to add an Indian touch to your dining experience. The design on the dinner plate features alternate motifs of a jaguar, conifer and a floral design blending in light colours. Meanwhile the quarter plate lends a folklore feel with its floral reiteration in a subtle blue hue. The bowl with chevron artwork completes the look of the set (made of china bone). 

Now that you’ve chosen your basic dinner set, it’s time to add the final touches to your table with accessories and signature pieces.Finding the right tableware accessories is a very personal choice, and should take into account how you serve and eat your meals. Finding the correct tableware accessories is a very personal decision that should consider how you serve and consume your meals.

Platters and serving bowls

Platters, boards, and serving bowls are must-haves for your table if you enjoy hosting or serving large shared meals. Pick a form and design that goes well with your dinnerware. Platters and serving bowls in a variety of colours and patterns are a great way to add interest to your tablescape. Live up your meal time and elevate your dining experience with the Doors of Mystical Wonder range of copper bowls, dinnerware & serving pieces by India Circus. The design on this serving bowl features a Mughal expression, pulling strings on multiple staple Mughal elements

Jugs and pitchers

Jugs and pitchers are beautiful statement pieces as well as being an elegant and practical way to serve drinks at the table. They’re a great way to make a statement, and they may be used for drinks or as a centrepiece with fresh flowers or leaves. Do away with those water purifiers and let nature do its charm. Introduce the Forest Fetish Copper Jug Set  to your kitchenware. Copper helps the digestive system perform better, aids in weight loss, helps heal wounds faster and has many more properties. The design features a forest-y composition with deer prints and floral motifs highlighting its jungle vibe.

Trivets and coasters

Coasters and trivets are a stylish way to protect your surfaces, and they come in a wide variety of patterns and materials. Bring the warmth and lustre of copper to your table with this elegant  Harmony with Nature Copper Coaster from the house of India Circus. The design presents cranes of different colours parading around in the company of lotus and trees. It’s easy maintenance as it can be cleaned with a damp clean cloth.

Tea and coffee accessories

Creamers, sugar bowls, and milk jugs are essentials for any host who enjoys a soothing cup of tea or coffee at the conclusion of a meal.

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