As new as the trend seems, charms date back to the Neothilic Era where it was used to ward off the enemies. Since then, charms have totally revolutionized. From the early twenties, that is – The Victorian Era, charms have been used as a decorative fashion jewelry. As for today, the lure of charms still endures as an elaborate piece of style.
To add this tinge of standout style, we have for you DIY step-by-step instructions to make a Gypsy Charm. This celestial nomad range of charm is au courant with a Boho touch. You can add a touch of tribal style and little pop to your wardrobe, adventurer backpack, leather tote or a rare view mirror just at the same time, with this charm.

What will you need?
To add color and texture to this charm we have taken: Royal Blue Wool, Faux Suede Cords, Big Ring, Small Loop, Vibrant feathers, Assorted Beads and Lobster Claw.

Gypsy Bag Charm 4

How to make it?
1. Place the small loop in the center of the ring and start rolling the wool tightly from the circumference of the loop to the ring. Keep rolling it tightly as shown it the picture below –

Gypsy Bag Charm 2

2. While you are rolling the wool keep a definite space to attach the Faux Suede Feather Dangles.
Here’s how you make the Faux Suede Feather Dangles.
Cut a long piece of Faux Suede cord double the length of charm you wish to make. Fold this cord from the middle and tie a top knot as shown.
Insert some colorful beads from the bottom and attach the feathers at the tip of the cord, as shown.
Place these dangles in the left space, suggested in Step 1.

Gypsy Bag Charm 1

These beautiful Faux Suede Feather Dangles, with different colored beads, give a lovely vibrant look to the charm. These dangles are trending these days, for their ability to absorb rich colors combined with their lack of weight makes them a perfect fashion accessory. These dangles aren’t too heavy to handle, and they give a funky pop of color.

3. Once you have placed the dangles rightly, attach a grab hook or a lobster claw above the charm. If you want to keep it raw, you can just tie a thread as an attachment.

Gypsy Bag Charm 3

4. These charms are versatile and can be used in diversities. From tying it to the car mirror to using it as a fashion accessory, these charms are great style extensions and gifting options too.

Bag Charm India circus Bag

As the festive season is just round the corner, you can make an authentic charm, using it as a gift tag charm.

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