Enchant Your Homes With Ottomans: A Glance Into Their Roots

Enchant Your Homes With Ottomans: A Glance Into Their Roots

Envision a fusion between a floor mat and an armless sofa and you will be able to visualize the ottoman . A Traditional ottoman often lined three walls in the main room where families would gather.

The ottoman is often overlooked in decorating a space – yet for the savvy and stylish,it can make a huge decor impact. What’s better is that because it’s smaller, it’s a great area to experiment. Perhaps try something adventurous in fabric and colour – what may be loud and vibrant on a large piece of furniture may be breathtaking on an ottoman.

Have you ever thought about the origin of the ottoman?

The ottoman came into existence in the 18th century in Turkey, which was ruled by the ottoman Empire. This explains the origins of its name. Back then, the ottoman looked very different compared to what we see today. It was a low piece of upholstered furniture with no arms that was piled up with cushions.

As time went on, ottomans evolved to become smaller and freestanding, often used as an extra seating space in a room. In upholstery terminology, they are usually described as “overstuffed” meaning that no wood other than the legs is visible.

Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, ottomans can be used in several  ways. Whether you choose to use it as a functional piece of furniture or turn it into an accent piece, the ottoman is a great way to add some oomph to your decor.

Here are some ways to use the ottoman at home:

  • Comfy extension to your bed: An ottoman placed at the foot of a bed can provide as an additional element of comfort and add the finishing touches to your bedroom decor. For best results, choose one with an upholstered seat in a shade that matches or compliments your bed linen. It’s a great place to pile your extra pillows.
  • Spruce up your dressing room: Bring a touch of colour and luxury to your vanity room or dressing area by replacing your regular stool with an ottoman.

  • Cozy reading corner: Use the ottoman to turn a corner of your home into a place where you can stretch out and unwind with a book and a cup of coffee. Pair a chair or sofa with a matching footstool and you’re good to go. The ottoman can also work as a perch for your pets.
  • Coffee table makeover: The ottoman’s versatility means that it can double as another useful piece of furniture — coffee table. Replace your traditional wooden coffee table with a pair of upholstered ottomans to give your spaces a softer and more plush look. Do make sure that the foam is firm enough to hold your coffee tray steady
  • Play with poufs: The soft, cushy avatar of the ottoman,poufs are a great way to add some colour and fun to your decor. Depending on the theme of your interiors, you can opt for comfy pouf to complement your space. Use a single large pouf or pick three to five colourful ones to act as additional seating in the living room or bedroom for guests, friends, and family.

  • Shared space seating : Ottomans are a great idea for apartments and open floor plan homes that share seating with more than one area. For example, open concept living and family room concepts may only have space for one seating area. Ottomans give the options of versatility to add seating to the shared space,
  • Use as a showpiece: Believe it or not, ottomans are now becoming the focal point of the room and serving the function of ‘all eyes on me’ décor. From tufted fabrics to rich textiles and fabrics. Ottomans can look casual in a rustic room, or extravagant and lush in an affluent setting. You name it, there’s an ottoman to fit the role of a showstopper.

From adding luxe style to rendering an air of casual comfort, the Ottomans can suit any taste, from tufted traditional to cheerfully casual. Whatever style or shape you choose, ottomans are an easy and economical way to increase seating, storage and comfort in your living space that can enhance your home in several ways.

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