Expecting visitors this year? Here are some cozy ideas to make your guest room feel like home!

Expecting visitors this year?  Here are some cozy ideas to make your guest room feel like home!

A guest room should be a warm and welcoming place, merging the amenities of a hotel and the intimacy of a home. In theory, your guest room can be the easiest room to plan. You don’t use it every day, and house guests typically only visit for a week or so, making it the perfect room to experiment with decor trends. At some point or another, we have all probably been guests in someone else’s house. Sometimes, it’s incredibly comfortable and feels like a vacation, other times, you wish you had booked a hotel room.

If you’re like us and want to make your visitor feel at home during their retreat, even with a budget that may not be enough to create a complete resort oasis, read on to find some tips and tricks to make your guest feel as at-home as possible. 

Sweet Dreams: 

Keep the bed sheets clean for when they arrive. You know that fresh sheet feeling right after doing laundry? That’s what you want your guests to feel when they lie down after what may have been a long journey for them. Keep your guests comfortable without compromising on style. Along with a comfortable bed, the addition of matching pillows, fresh pillowcases and a cozy comforter never fail to impress. Hand blocked specially for you, the Ornamental Floral Quilted comforter will add warmth to any room. 

For a traditional vibe but modern look, the blended taffeta cushion covers, featuring the royal bengal tiger, caparisoned elephant, roses and palm trees is the perfect decorative pillow to adorn your bed. 

Cozy Corner:

Your guest may want to unwind after a long day of touristy activities, or big meals at restaurants. Having a seating area in the room can help them do this if they prefer to not sit in their bed during the day. Adding a bean bag with a gorgeous and bright conifered lotus and lamp symmetry of patterns to the room can be a fun and innovative way to help your guest relax and rejuvenate for your night plans.  

Brighten it up:

Using our phone torches doesn’t always cut it, and sometimes our wall lights are just too bright to leave on while we finish up our nightly routines. 

The addition of a beautifully crafted lamp will help elevate the room and give it a touch of home and a pop of colour. The Chevron Palms Cylindrical lamp, with palm trees on pinewood with its unique look and beachy vibe will definitely make your guest feel like they are at a resort. 

Keep the lamp near their bed for easy access to it before night time. 

Hydration Station: 

A lot of people need water through the night, and we all know the struggle of having to walk all the way to the kitchen to get some. Save your guest the trouble by keeping a jug of water ready with a glass, on a side table near their bed. 

Forget about the overused mundane metal water jug and go for a sustainable Lattice Blooms bamboo jug set to add floral blooms to any room. 

Dreamy Decors:

If you don’t feel like using a plain coloured wallpaper, give your guest room a playful touch by adding in a fun wallpaper with lovely designs, to make your guest truly feel as though they are somewhere exotic. Using the Cream Curtains of Versatility wallpaper will add an earthy, soothing feel to the room.  

If funky wallpaper isn’t the route you want to take, you can add wall art or hang decorative pieces to give it a personal touch. Items like painting, or decorative plates will always help spruce up a room. Use our Maneuvers in the Nature canvas or Pattachitra Art Orange Tiger figurine to help add vibrance to the room while keeping it minimalist. 

Frequently Forgotten: 

When we go on vacation, we tend to forget some of our essential travel belongings in all our excitement. Keep spare chargers and toiletries ready for your guest in a neat container to ensure they have everything they need.  Everyone loves a pretty looking organizer, and what better than the Peacock Dwar round storage box to hold your guests tidbits. 

By following these simple guidelines, you can help your guest have an incredibly smooth and comfortable journey. No matter whether you have a couple, a single individual or some family members coming to stay with you, covering your ground with all these essentials will assure your guests a pleasant stay. 

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