Doing up your home in a budget may sound like a daunting challenge but it is a lot easier than expected. It’s all about being smart and getting a focus. Here are some tips that could help.

1. Don’t be boring

When doing up your home try to stay away from the predictable. Experiment with different textures, paint and fabrics such as smooth, rough, matte and so on. And since you’re on a budget just a simple thing such as changing the upholstery of your sofa can make a room look different. Use fabrics which have vibrant colours and patterns to add that burst of colour. Also having upholstery which has a unique pattern or print can give the room an interesting look.

Vibrant Prints and Colours

2. Get creative

Sometimes even the smallest of details can help transform a room. Instead of investing in a completely new look, just get some colourful cushion covers, wall art and other accessories which will definitely liven up the space. Cushion covers are a simple yet effective way to transform a room. Covers that are made out of silk for e.g can give the room a rich and luxurious feel. A colourful piece of wall art can also make the room look more dynamic and interesting.

Dynamic and Colourful Wallart

3. Create an ambience

The right ambience is essential for a beautiful home. Use simple things such as the right lighting to create a mood, check out our designer lamps. Also things like a vase with fresh flowers can completely freshen up a space. Get creative when it comes to the walls by placing your art and pictures in an interesting manner. For e.g. if it is a bedroom space then you can make a collage of all your family pictures and put them up all over the walls. Not only will this look good but it will also have sentimental value.

4. Get inspired

Beautiful Spaces with India Circus

Do a lot of research before doing up your home. From magazines to the internet, there are a host of ideas you can find. However, see what will fit into the look of your home and accordingly make a plan. There are also many DIY ideas which you may think look good but they are not as easy to replicate. Be realistic about what you need and want. Simple things like refurbishing an old cabinet with just a new coat of paint are ways in which you can add some freshness to the overall look.

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