Floral Fusion

Floral Fusion

At long last, India’s scorching summer landscape has been quenched with a blessing of rather heavy monsoon rainfall. When stranded in an ocean of a traffic, pelleted by seemingly incessant downpour, take a moment to notice the lush greenery around you, even if vegetation is scarce in your urbanscape.

The monsoon assumes mythic value in hearts of provincial Indian life because it serves as the nation’s only source of natural irrigation. While the nourishment that the rains offer farms and orchards may be out your immediate sight, keep on the lookout for your nearest Gulmohar tree.

The monsoon, among other things, is when several exotic Indian flowers make their blooming debut.

This month, India Circus pays an homage to this subtle, but profoundly sublime moment in India’s floral calendar. Monsoon blooms are frequently in bright and vibrant colours that demand our attention.




Flowers are Mother Nature’s exhibitionists par excellence, and their beauty has beguiled cultures across the world for centuries.

Enjoy the monsoons with a bit of Floral infusion.




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