Fresh & Vibrant accents for your Living Room

Living rooms tells a lot about your home. It needs to be warm & welcoming, stylish and chic….. Here are some tips to add a Fresh & Vibrant accent to your Living room….


The easiest & quick way to refresh your living room frequently, is by adding new and vibrant cushions on neutral furniture/sofa sets . You can play with a combination of simillar hues or contrasting prints.











You can also lift up the look of your corner furniture piece or a single seat chair in the balcony by throwing in a beautifully designed cushion.












Table lamps on your side tables adds  to the relaxation element, by creating the right amount of lighting. A beautiful table Lamp design that complement your living room tones and the furniture pieces is a perfect add on.












One of the most attractive way to enhance your living room is to accessorize your walls. Wall Decorative s  makes your Living room welcoming & expresses your personality.  Choose pieces of Wall Art that reflect your style.

 One to create that perfect corner, or you could also have a group of 3 or 4 Wall art up together.


You can dress up a simple room with colorful & vibrant accessories to give that fresh look. If you have monochrome Furniture, accent the floor with an intricate & vibrant patterned rug.


Living rooms are for Friends & Family gathering, where conversations happen for hours. Hence furniture plays a vital role. You could have a formal arrangement as well as a casual corner & put in furniture pieces accordingly.

These comfortable single seat chairs are perfect to add that colour tint in the midst of your formal wooden furniture set.

And throw in a piece of this Pouffe or these vibrant stools & side tables for your casual corners….











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