If you’re looking to express yourself with a unique curation of home décor that reflects your fabulous personality, you’ve come to the right place!

How does one create a collection? It’s easy. Begin with your living room couch, for example. Is it solid? What’s the texture? Lets season the couch with the perfect ensemble of cushions!

Build a palette that will both complement your upholstery, yet, and crucially so, assume aesthetic precedent. Your upholstery is essentially the backdrop to these superstars.

Even the most minimalistic and clinical-chic couch can boast a refreshing burst of personality with cushions that have character!

Build a Set!

Don’t be afraid of mixing-and-matching! Let your eye travel! Begin with a cushion that expresses a narrative. A Retro-Raja cushion that features the palace boudoir and courtesans preparing for the evening festivities is a good place to start. We have a theme! Let your couch tell you a story! Of course, this tale doesn’t have to be limited to three more printed cushions! Harmonize the colour-scheme of the print with perhaps an abstract design on cushion 2. Colour is an excellent way to pair cushions that feature dramatically different designs. Think of yourself as a music composer! Harmony and rhythm are EVERYTHING.

Don’t be afraid of vibrancy! Remember that pink is the navy-blue of India, and thank God for it! The colors you choose will radiate a certain vibe. Psychology continuously reminds us that our ambience is an extremely potent determinant of our moods!

The story continues on the rest of your set. Consider Lotuses juxtaposed with stylized architectural intricacies. What palace do these courtesans live in? What do they bathe in? A lotus pond, of course!  Have fun with your decoration. Your living room itself transports your eyes through space and time, so why not take yourself where you want to go?

Highlight and embellish these accents with a lamp! The story continues as your eyes travel across the room. Let the lamp feature a similar color palette, pattern or print! Even if these accessories are disparately scattered across the room, they maintain a sense of decorative harmony by establishing a theme!

Think of your room as a mannequin, and each decorative object as an accessory. Your furniture is the outfit, but your décor embellishes your furniture. A gorgeous carpet underneath the coffee table further co-ordinates and synchronizes your vision into a streamlined, coherent, and unique aesthetic!

So what are you waiting for? Curate away fellow aesthetes!

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