Heart in the Art!

Heart in the Art!

What’s a home without a heart, and what’s a wall without a beautiful piece of art !!!!!

Yes, a stunning wall art can not only lift the look of a really boring-looking wall, but can also be the most eye-catching facet of any room. But there are some important things that one must keep in mind while selecting and placing wall art. Do it smartly and stylishly and feel like a proud owner of a gorgeous museum…called ‘your home’!

Here are five smart tips and tricks to remember while choosing and arranging wall art:

  1. Colour Charm: The hues in your room are the star of the space…the most important feature of the area. It’s often the colours that make or break the entire appeal of a room. Explains why, it is essential to coordinate your wall art with the colour of the wall, furniture items and other décor products. For instance, if you want to give a lively, energetic feel to your room, then going in for a bright, pop-coloured piece may be a great idea.Similarly, a light-coloured wall art piece would be perfect for a room where you want to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  2. Size matters: Remember to maintain a balance between the wall art and size of the room and other furniture items and décor. Keep in mind that the wall art is supposed to accentuate the look of a space and not overpower it. It needs to be in sync with the other décor items present in the room, and should not look overly loud or massive. If you have more than one piece to flaunt, arrange it evenly across the room, rather than cluttering it. The golden rule is that the wall art should not be bigger than the furniture in the room. But just in case you have a piece that is larger than the rest of your furniture, hang it on a completely bare wall that has no furniture in front of or against it. Another great idea is to hang it over the fireplace or perhaps over the largest piece of furniture in your room.
  3. Right light: While a wall art has its own hues and shades, its look can be further enhanced by the perfect light that will complement the arrangement. Remember to have just the right amount of light; too much or too little can kill the look of the prettiest of wall art pieces.
  4. Eye contact: The spot where you’re hanging the wall art determines how high or low should the piece be placed. Generally, in rooms where people mostly sit, such as the living room and dining room, hang the wall art at seated level. On the other hand, in rooms where people mostly stand, such as entryways and hallways, hang it at standing level.
  5. Love it!: This is the most important and exciting point. Choose a wall art that has a theme that you truly love and can connect with. It is not always about what’s ‘en vogue’ or what’s ‘cool’, but also about what you find a reflection of yourself and home in. A wall art can easily be an extension of your underlying personality, and it’s perhaps a great idea to have a piece that somewhere reflects your true self.

Krsna Art has a variety of wall art for every feel and flavour of your home. In fact, why just your home…you can also give your workplace a contemporary twist by hanging one of these gorgeous pieces in your personal cabin. It won’t only add the right amount of colour to your room, but also lighten and brighten the atmosphere of the space. Have fun with your wall art!

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