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We at India Circus are really excited this Friendship’s Day. The spirit of this special day dictates that you do something cute for your friend which is remembered.

We have come up with a list of little and not so little gifts you could give them this friendship season.

01. Super Funky Stuff:

Get your friend a lot of stylish and trendy stuff this Friendship Day! Fill a goodie bag full of cute lil knick knacks like stoles, wallets, charms and a super funky notebook!


02. Picture Frame Collage:

A single picture frame is just so cliché. We think you should go collage this year! Give your friend a combination of a few frames – the selfie, the group hug, the cool times, captuire your memories!

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03. A desk Calendar(Hand Made):

This is no ordinary Calendar, this is a goofy one with a new quote for your friend, for each day of the year.

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04. An Adventure:

For the adventure loving freaks, take your friend out on an adventure weekend! Trek through the scenery and spend quality time with your BFF!


05. Gadgets:

For all you people with friends who are complete gadget freaks, get your BFF’s an amazing new invention which they will love. Like a new tech watch or a super cute USB drive! Style plus Funky equals to an amazing gift!

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06. Books:

Get that set of books your friend freaks out on, be it LOTR or GOT! Read them together, and freak out over whether Jon snow is Alive. Don’t Forget, get that amazing Magazine Rack to go with it.

0010 MagazineRac

07. F.R.I.E.N.D.S:

That Super cool DVD Set of FRIENDS to show that you love them no matter what!


08. Table Lamp:

Be the light of their life with that uber cool table lamp.


09. Video Games:

Connect with your friends over cool video games like Super Mario and Contra and enjoy your memories from childhood!


10. The Red Lipstick:

The Red lipstick is the best way to tell your friend that you are her best wingman. Come rain or shine, you shall be with her all through!


So what are you waiting for!? Time to jump to the occasion and make this occasion super special Love India Circus

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