The High-Tea Manual

The High-Tea Manual

‘Tea is happiness in a cup’ – Agree? If yes, then add a tinge of merriment in your life by organizing a perfect High-Tea Party.

From Invitations to Thank you gift here is the step by step manual to host a flawless yet a very routine Tea Party.
Note – All things natural, no formalities!

1.Guests and Invitations:
First and foremost, think – who will add grace to your party and make it a memorable affair, and list them down. Next, make an e-invitation and send it across. Make your e-invite fun and simple, it can look like >>


Yes, you are the host, but the ‘spotlights’ are on the bites. So deciding an enticing menu is a deal. Your party should include the following list >>

3.Party order:
Once you decide on the menu, it’s time to decide on the amusement. You know your guests the best, to decide what they would love to do the most. So decide on the best, make every moment count and be ready for some sincere compliments. Here is the list of some delightful activities that will just add that spark to your party >>


4.Dress Code:
Put on anything that is casually chic, with a subtlety of makeup and fine accessories. And as for the invitees, let everyone dress their way to comfort. Here are some dressing hints >>


Prime and proper arrangements are the key to beautiful ambience. Use beautiful collection of crockery, put some pretty lightings and style the bright home accessories to set up the perfect mood. >>


Present with something cute, fresh and memorable. You can gift >>


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