Leave aside the confusion between the hues of black and blue, and white and gold, and rather immerse yourself in the stunning colours of red, green, yellow and more. After all, Holi, the festival of colours, is here!

The splash of colours during Holi brings in a new zest to life. Having said that, at India Circus we celebrate colours and the vibrancy that they bring to our lives on a regular basis. We have a range of products that are dipped in an extensive colour palette.

We make Holi 2015 even more enjoyable with Holi Bazaar, which offers you up to 50% discount on some of our most colourful and exciting products. From the Rickshaw Ride iPhone 6 Cover to the Pretty Potpourri Wrist Watch, and from the Minaret Magic Poly Taf-Silk Cushion Cover to the Retro Hue Mug…you will find it all at India Circus’ exclusive Holi Bazaar. Go, shop now, as this shopping fest is on only from March 4th to 6th! There couldn’t be a better way of welcoming Holi than by shopping for so many beautiful and colourful products, and saving some moolah, too!


This Holi, we take the opportunity to not only give you a range of products at great prices, but also a few tips that you must keep in mind before stepping out of your house to enjoy the festival.

  • Say a big ‘No’ to chemical- and grease-based colours, and a big ‘Yes’ to natural, herbal, skin-friendly ones.
  • Apply a moisturising cream from head to toe before you go to play.
  • Wear clothes that cover as many parts of your body.
  • Apply a coat of transparent nail polish, so that the colours don’t stain your nails. In fact, boys, too, can do this.
  • Oil your hair with a thick oil, such as castor oil, before stepping out. The drier your hair, the easier it is for the colour to penetrate the roots. If possible, wear a bandana to cover your hair and head.
  • After playing, use warm water and a moisturising soap to get rid of the colour.
  • Go beyond yourself and also think of people who may not be interested in playing the festival. Don’t apply the colours forcefully on anyone. And, yes, please don’t be merciless and torture a poor animal by throwing colours on it or hitting it with a water balloon. Limit the festival only to the ones who truly want to enjoy it.

So, this Holi, bring on the colours, shop at our Holi Bazaar, be safe and play safely, and have lots of fun. After all, Holi hai!!!


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