Holi Special: Lazing Around With Our Colourful Throws

Holi Special: Lazing Around With Our Colourful Throws

Holi is around the corner, so, we thought what better time to celebrate the festival of colours than with a blog on styling your home with India Circus’ exquisite variety of colourful pillows. For those looking to experiment with fresh colour in their home decorative, we suggest playing with textile accessories like pillows, throws, and area rugs to add that bit of colour to your decorative. Pillows and throws are the easiest way to give your space a quick and colourful makeover. They are like the bags and shoes of the home decor world.

Whether it’s on a plain couch set, or your bedroom, our assortment of colourful throws will instantly liven your space up. Throw pillows are also among the more affordable accessory that you can use to take your space from sad to sassy.

Printed Throw Pillows to Accentuate Your Home Ambience

Explore a large selection of printed throw pillows that can instantly elevate your home vibe. With compositions that contextualise and conceptualise contemporary India, our printed fabric cushion throws blend seamlessly in all home themes. With special focus on architectural overlays, and regal compositions, we have a rich variety in printed throw pillows to accessorise your home setting.

Floor Your Space with Some Floral Fun

A large selection of our decorative throw pillows focusses on floral aesthetic, and depict natural elements in exceedingly rich fashion. With prints that showcase facets like Lotus, palm trees, conifer prints and other tropical elements, our flora themed cushion cover designs are an astounding piece of home display. Floral prints are ideal for neutral coloured sofas and chairs.

Get Romantic with Embroidered Cushion Covers

Get romantic in your home accessorising with our exclusive line of embroidered cushion covers. With a textured velvet surface, and embroidered floral prints, these are an easy way to infuse a seductive vibe to your home decor

Pucker Modern Fun With Puckered Pillow Throws

Our range of puckered cushion covers that come in single tones of colour make for a strongly suggested accessories to liven up your home decorative. The surface on this range features closely knit folds, and are very new and modern in appeal.

Provoke Modernity With Geometry and Symmetry

If your inclinations lean towards a modern home theme, our geometric themed throw pillows are what you’d want to opt for. Available in multiple hues, these cushion throws blend seamlessly and are an easy way to break a neutral home tone.

Sass Up Your Space with Shaped Cushion Covers

Explore our shaped throw pillows if you are more of a quirky home decorator. Made comfortable with soft inner cushioning and stitched to illustrate many Indian elements, our collection of shaped cushion throws is an easy way to scale up a colour-rich idiosyncrasy in your home setting.

Throw pillows are the quickest and highly cost-effective ways to stylise your home. They make for both functional and fashionable pieces to add to your decorative.

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