Home Decor in the Age of Minimalism

Home Decor in the Age of Minimalism

A perennial trend, Minimalism is the way to make interiors simple yet delivering their highest potential of aesthetics and functionality. With compact living, minimalist home decor has been in vogue for over a decade now. Initially famous in parts of Japan, Scandinavians too have shown a liking towards this trend by adapting it in their home space. Slowly and gradually, this vibe is now taking over the world. India has now exposed to this global trend via social media channels and travel, which has created awareness about this lifestyle.

Highlight every nook and cranny of your home.

The anthem for a minimal design is focus, form, and function. But how do you have both motifs and color in the same space for a lush outcome? India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta is the place where minimalist glam meets royal grandeur. Defining modern India with its design cult, Mr. Mehta is an ace designer. His quintessential Indian designs are what distinguishes India Circus from the rest, making him one of a kind.

Krsnaa Mehta, Founder & Executive Director at India Circus has further simplified minimalistic home decor for Indians. Whilst following this trend in India, the weather, culture, and style play a vital role in one’s choices. Owning fewer possessions can either make or break the look of any corner of your home, so here are 6 tips that can help one keep their home space minimal yet chic:

  • With the attitude of ‘less is more’ growing rapidly, designers from all over the world have made a switch and curated many geometric abstractions in their designs. Krsnaa Metha’s designs, in particular, open gates to the dreamy world of shapes and arcs. These geometrical patterns evoke an Avant-Garde nature and youthfulness. The results of these designs in cushion covers, serving trays, or glasses usually look pure, sometimes futuristic! 
  • To keep it simple yet stylish, superfluous elements are stripped off the list which could make the space dingy. Lamp lights have grown their popularity owing to the need of the hour.  A rectangle lamp from the house of India Circus can make for the perfect addition to home decor by adding a contemporary twist.

  • The norm of minimalist design is to go all white but with Indian homes, it can be a tedious task. Thus, deeper tones like greys, browns, burnt colors are used on the walls pertaining to the Indian weather and style. By hosting a designer wallpaper in this case can haul praises from those that visit your home. Designs that capture architecture in a state of transition with a minimal palette wallpaper, are the key to embrace minimalism. Not only do wallpapers uplift your wall space but also give a soothing addition to your home décor.
  • Accent furniture adds definition and color to an interior space. And by adding animal figurines one takes home decor a notch up, thus making it stand out against the rest of the space in one’s adobe. Empty spaces being the most important element of minimalism, a home accent works to become a focal point. Any piece of accent furniture is usually added as a decorative piece that draws the eye in and creates excitement. Additionally, to avoid cluttered distraction, hand-made wall art, and décor plate is your solution! They do not overwhelm your home, making it a center of attraction.
  • The ground rule of minimalist décor is to keep it simple. A patterned flooring or a rug that matches all kinds of home interiors gives the room a break from monotony. The way to add patterns to your minimalist home is by using a small scale, tone-to-tone, or unobtrusive pattern. One can never go wrong with a patterned carpet in the center of the room. It acts as sophisticated addition to your home décor. Playing with textures in your adobe will make things interesting and catch one’s eye easily.
  • Bid adieu to clutter by using essential storage and accentuate your living space with a furniture unit that has good utility. The key to minimalism is by making smarter purchases than fewer. One can add an emphasized element with a neutral color wall against a contrast piece of furniture or a piece of art. Since space interacts with the objects and defines the look, let views speak for themselves!
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