Home Decor Trends of the Season

Home Decor Trends of the Season

Decorating your home is a multi seasonal thing, one cannot be at ease while decorating his/her home and there’s always something new in magazines and books and news, which you just want to have in your home. Something which won’t just elevate the beauty of your home but will bring peace of mind. 

If you are looking for the newest trend of this season, we have got your back! India Circus is always up to date, with designs that define current trends and are the true meaning of exotic paired with Indian-ness, always newest in the category of home decor.  

Continue reading to have an idea of the Newest Trends and additions to your sanctuary. 

Home Decor Trends Of The Season

Bold styles are back!

Tusker Delight Rug from India Circus

Yes, you read it right. Giving your neutral home or the kitchen made with neutral hues a tinge of bold red or pink gets everyone talking. The bold focal point in a neutral home is highly aesthetic. A bright rug on the floor in the dining space which has wooden furniture is something we all admire. 

Earth Tones

Earth tones on your walls
Source: Unsplash.com/Nathan Van Egmond

This year is the color for Earth tones on your walls. Mustard and brown walls are back in the race, and are definitely winning this year! So, you better place your bet on the brown and mustard horses to gather attention. The most common question we are asked is what to pair with brown?

Wall Art

Wall Art from India Circus

Wall arts which are bright colored, go well with brown walls. They keep you hooked, pun intended. 

Earth Brown paired with Musk dusk is an amazing combination to bring your home a sense of sophistication and style. The pairing of light colors with dark colors is evergreen. Chestnut brown with brown orange or dirty orange is an exquisite way and shows your individuality and thinking.

And the best would be adding colors and using an accent wall for your bright ideas, which could include base concrete gray or you can add a wallpaper to add some jazz to your music.  


Figurines from India Circus

Bring decor that resonates with you. Home decors like figurines that are just a tiny depiction of your personality.

These figures could be anything! Your spirit animal, a rhinoceros – mighty and hard outer shell, calm and yet strong enough to rip apart their enemies or an elephant, majestic, bestowed with greatest strength and yet humble and down to earth. Maybe you are a bird who is just trying to flap their way out of their nest and ready to capture the skies that the world behold. 

Biophilic Designs

Biophilic Designs from India Circus

The most important trend of this season is bringing nature back to our homes. This is our favorite and we keep nature in mind while designing our products.

Biophilia is the love for nature and research has shown increased productivity and creativity when people were working in natural areas, but it is tough bringing forests to home and hence India Circus brings wallpapers which are inspired by nature. 

Plant Babies

Plant Babies from India Circus

Using small planters and caring for your plant babies have gained impetus. Greens may not be just plants to show off the aesthetics but can also be a great way to give your gardening skills a head start. Nature has always been an inspiration for umpteen artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Rousseau and many more and we take pride in being inspired by our mother nature. 


Home Decor Trends Of The Season - Sustainability
Source: Pexels.com/Felix Mittermeier

Speaking of the Butterfly effect, tiny steps make a huge impact. Avoiding synthetic products and plastic bottles and start including natural fibers, like our bamboo fiber products and shifting towards a sustainably sourced copper and stainless steel bottles. 

Lastly, The world is now at an epoch where our tiny decisions make a huge impact. With news like Carbon emissions and Global warming impacting lives and the effects of Climate Change, our decisions carry a lot of weight. Incorporating products that are sustainable and stylish becomes important.

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