Essential Tips for Giving Your Home a Makeover!

Essential Tips for Giving Your Home a Makeover!

Doing up a home is not always a simple or easy process. So what are the factors to keep in mind when trying to brighten up existing spaces such as your kitchen, living room and so on? This week IndiaCircus gives you a few tips on how to redecorate your home.

1. Your home is an extension of you and if the time has come to redo then it means that you are re-inventing yourself as well.

This means you are bringing about a change in all aspects. Therefore, when you plan to redo your place first ask yourselves the questions what am I changing? Why am I changing it? Where do I want to go from here? Asking yourselves these questions is important as you can then understand what your plan of action do redo the home will be.

2. How do you detail out your plan for re-designing the house?

Doing a lot of research by going through various books, magazines etc. is a must. Start sorting the information into categories such as must have, want to have, definitely needed, I like this but do I need it? Once the lists are made then start sourcing the items you like. You don’t always have to buy everything at once. Sometimes, it can be fun to look for various things over a period of time such as when you go travelling somewhere. Each place is unique and therefore the chance of finding items which you will not get in your regular shops is much higher. It could be things like a lamp or a show piece, paintings, fabric etc. And the concept of mix and match will always provide that unique look for your home.

3. How do we brighten up existing spaces?

First things first, get rid of clutter. Many of us have the habit of holding on to stuff out of sentimental value and this only adds to unnecessary clutter. So yes as much as its tough, take a good hard look and let it go. This will also show you how much space you actually have. Once that is done, start understanding the space. Ask yourself questions about what kind of colours you want, the storage space you need. Do you want the same look for every room or just some patterns or accessories that bind the look together?


4. Independent spaces. How do we tackle them?

Living Rooms:

Living rooms are the most important rooms in the house. Not only are they for entertaining guests but also a place where a family can come together and relax. Therefore it should have a blend of comfort and sophistication. Using colourful accessories such as cushion covers and lamps and art can give the room and elegant and charming feel.


Not only do kitchens have to be a functional space but they should also be a happy place. A light and airy kitchen automatically makes it nicer and more fun to work in. Go with a fresh coat of paint in light or pastel shades with maybe a bright splash of colour with maybe a nice wall clock. This will just liven up the space.  Also focus on the light by using sheer or linen curtains on the windows. Using things like potted plants, paintings etc. will just brighten up the space.


A bathroom should always be clean and fresh. Use various elements to add colours. These could range from colourful tiling and shelves to a nice shower curtain or a nice painting. Having scented candles are also a nice way to add that touch of freshness to the bathroom. Also making sure that there is adequate storage space for towels and bath products is essential to de-clutter the space.

Doing up a house is a fun process. It can be time consuming as well, but there is no better feeling than coming back to a home which is warm, cosy and has your personal touch as well. For more ideas on home décor and accessories take a look at our website

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