Home offices updates that are absolutely chic- Here is how you can set up a successful and stylish home office

Home offices updates that are absolutely chic- Here is how you can set up a successful and stylish home office

Some retreated to their dining tables. Others turned spare rooms into study spaces. In the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, remote work culture changed irreversibly, as did the landscape of home office design. While many people quickly created makeshift home workspaces last year, with the possibility of hybrid working looming in the future. It’s no surprise that designers are seeing an increase in office updates as more companies adopt permanently flexible policies.  It may be time to revisit those areas in order to improve comfort and function.

Examine your working style

Your home office should reflect how you prefer to work. If you prefer to work at a desk, consider ergonomics as well as style when selecting a desk and chair. If you prefer to lounge on your laptop, choose a comfortable chair or couch with an ottoman in addition to a traditional desk setup. The Flight of Vivers  is an eclectic line of ottoman stools by India Circus. With designs illustrating an exuberant flock of feeding birds, the range of round ottomans will bring the joys of birdwatching right to your footstep. Available in a variety of designs and compositions, the enviable wooden ottomans are filled with every style imaginable to complement the living space. The goal is to design a space that you will use. 

Consider your lighting

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing your home office is lighting. The first priority is task lighting to illuminate, but overhead lighting to brighten the entire room is also important. Natural lighting will enliven the entire space whenever possible. When selecting task lighting, keep in mind that you are not limited to office-style fixtures, so go ahead and select a beautiful table lamp to further convey a sense of home. Make a bold statement in your room with the Conifer Spades Conical Lamp from the house of India Circus. Smeared by a dark pink hue, and embellished with alternated conifer prints, this lamp shade can easily refresh the look of the room.

Make organization a priority

It is critical to assess the elements required to have a functional and efficient office. From supplies to storage, and planning out how you want to work, the office should run as smoothly as a well-thought-out kitchen. This entails ensuring that everything you require is close at hand. 

The Mughal Garden Desk Organizer from the house of India Circus is stylish for a room aiming for a classy look. The design features a grand wall of a Mughal garden along with a fountain, florals and pillars in colourful hues. Rack your stationery in this desk organizer as you keep your home desk neat and tidy.

Get rid of visual clutter

 Since the presence of extraneous items can cause stress, it is best to keep everything in a variety of vessels. Instead of standard office storage bins, which can look very sterile, you can opt for baskets, boxes, and pretty containers to keep your essential work items, which could even include perusing your silver and serving pieces for possible paper clip holders. The Heron’s Garden Storage Box  from the house of India Circus comes with a lid and has a beautiful design on it. This range of storage units is handy to keep your things in one place. The design on this decorative storage box features an artistic representation of Mughal-style windows in a splash of orange and blue along with the Heron. The bird is seen relishing the serenity of the garden. Instead of having everything out on the table, you can file it. Tucked away neatly, you’ll know exactly where it is when you need it, and the desk is a blank canvas.

Adding character to your work-from-home setup will only increase the joy and productivity of working from home. This can be done in a variety of ways, including creating a gallery wall with framed diplomas, family photos, artwork, and any professional accolades. Including books or travel souvenirs that bring you joy will also improve the look of your office.

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