Hot Colour Combinations this Monsoon to do up your Living Room

Hot Colour Combinations this Monsoon to do up your Living Room

The monsoon has finally arrived and it is that time of the year where it is a good idea to bring in some colour and brightness to your home.

The monsoon is a gloomy time of the year but there are ways to beat the grey. This season, we give you some of the hottest colour combinations, which will definitely liven up your mood and make your home look elegant, chic and absolutely fabulous.

While planning out your look for the monsoon, remember that you would be spending a lot of time indoors. Therefore it is essential to find colour schemes that not only add to the overall look but also make sure that your home doesn’t look monotonous.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to plan out the colour scheme is to start with the basics. Things like your seating arrangement should get priority, as it is the focal point of the room. Begin with taking a call about whether your sofa needs to be reupholstered. If you are reupholstering then try colours such as a teal blue. This colour is not only dynamic but also gives a deeper feeling to the room. You can then accentuate this colour by using cushion covers in colours such as fuchsia pink, burnt orange or even something eclectic such as warli art. And blue is a colour that highlights the beauty of the monsoon.

Beautiful Cushion Covers

However, not all the seating needs to match. Mixing and matching your seating options is also a good way to keep things exciting. For example you could also have a corner with another set of chairs maybe in yellow with cushion covers in different colours. This would help set apart the area and maybe just become a nice cozy corner where you could just read when you are not entertaining visitors. Also, colours like yellow add a sunny and happy look to the room.

Once your basic furniture is planned out, then you can move on to the walls. Using different colours for separate walls can make a space look even bigger and more dynamic. Use colours such as green, reds, blues according to your taste and aesthetic. Another way of adding a burst of colour to a wall is by putting up a wall art. With a beautiful design or pattern, the designer wall art can definitely add that visual appeal to a room.

Designer Wall Art by Krsna Mehta

The next thing to focus on is your accessories in terms of how they bring beauty to the space. An important thing to remember is that much as your home can have various knick-knacks, it is also important that they come together to have a cohesive look. Use things such as a nice colourful rug in maybe a shade of red to add some dynamism to the room. Or even some bright floor cushions in purple or pink can definitely make your space more vibrant but with a feel of comfort and warmth.

Bright Cushion Covers

To finally bring your entire look together focus on the minor details such as a multi-utility bin, where you can store your magazines and newspapers. Or even the coffee mugs, which you serve your guests in can, have a design that tie up to the overall look of your home. Each small thing adds a layer to a space making it more rich and interesting.

On the whole, as much as the focus is on colour, remember that over doing anything can make it look tacky. Hence, be practical and use the right shades according to your home keeping in mind the visual appeal. And of course make sure that it has a personal touch, after all, there is no better place than home.

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