How Do Wallpaper Designs Reflect Serenity and Indian Culture?

How Do Wallpaper Designs Reflect Serenity and Indian Culture?

What transforms a good interior design to an incredible level? You may come up with options like elegant furniture, exquisite paintings and wall-hangings, flashy wall-paints, etc. 

What you will often miss to include here is the room wallpaper design. This can solely elevate the overall appearance of the room and make it phenomenally aesthetic. There are tons of colours and a variety of patterns, giving you options to play around. 

For anyone who says that wallpapers aren’t Indian anymore, here is the answer. 

Our country is known for rich and vivid patterns and prints inspired from ageless traditions and architectural styles. So, you have many Indian design wallpapers that can beautify your walls and bring absolute serenity. This is why Indian designer wallpapers are moving fast and preferred more by interior designers and home decorators. This sudden shift towards Indianised decorative elements has turned Indian design wallpapers the hottest and fast-moving decorative item in recent times.

So, if you are moving into a new home or buying a new one, read this article to know how you can induce our rich Indian culture through rich and colourful wallpapers. 

How do I choose wallpaper design for walls that reflect the classic Indian culture?

How do I choose wallpaper design for walls that reflect the classic Indian culture?

Wallpapers are available in multiple options. Starting from plain colours to abstract patterns to large motifs. You can mix and match, explore different options and colours, and find something that exactly matches your taste. Here is how you can pick something that’s blended with Indian roots and customs and scream peace of mind. 

Choosing renowned Mughal prints

Choosing renowned Mughal prints

Mughal prints have been there in our country for centuries and they are known for their versatility, luxuriance, royalty, and creativity. They are so rich yet so simple which can be sensed by the amount of tranquillity you feel around them. Thus, they are a great option to pick as a part of your wallpaper paper design of an Indian living room. This way, you can do away with typical patterns and designs and pick something that’s entirely timeless. 

Here is the sample or inspiration piece you look for – Signature windows wallpaper. The design here is breathtakingly beautiful and undoubtedly unique as its a combination of mughal windows with colourful flowers and fauna. Having them in your living room or bedroom wall will bring peace and prosperity to the space. Plus, you will receive compliments from guests and visitors for good.

Adding a dash of creativity through heavenly motifs

Draw in undivided attention to your walls through design elements that are creative, magical, and truly Indian. For instance, bright and blooming flowers, distinctive flora and fauna, and native intricate patterns. This will be pleasant on your walls and easy on your eyes, making your house feel like a home. 

For instance, take a look at these one of a kind wallpaper – scriptures of the jaguar. The prints are so detailed giving away the vibes of traditional Indian rangoli patterns. A combination of these friendly prints and mighty jaguar will together transform your home into a stylish abode. 

Another apt example would be this flora crest of the high wallpaper. The floral and peacock motifs are perfect Indian designs to add substance to your wall. 

While you are at it, don’t forget this Indian mehandi motif filled wallpaper for a more pleasant ambience.

India Circus has many other creative Indian design wallpapers to create stunning walls for your Indian home. Check out the page for more such unique designs and wall art concepts.

Going for wallpapers with realistic themes

Abstract and vague prints are becoming passe with the advent of wallpapers with realistic elements. This means your walls will have real elements which are trees, flowers, animals, monumental buildings, musical instruments, or any other artistic elements you see around. They are lavish, vibrant, aesthetic, and entirely Indian.

You will absolutely love this birdwatcher dreams wallpaper as it contains numerous realistic elements from peacocks to gazebos. Lovingly called a birdwatcher’s seat, this wallpaper will surely turn your home into a mughal palace with its grandeur. 

Bring on malabar coastal vibes with this aesthetic yield wallpaper for absolute cosiness and serenity. The theme is so brilliant here and implies growth and prosperity as that’s what a mature banana tree implies. Let your walls emit a sense of faith and calmness with this tropical themed wallpaper.

Wallpapers with splendid mandalas and geometric patterns = a beautiful saree spread across your wall

There can’t be a better representation for Indian art than its traditional sarees filled with mind-blowing prints. Now you can create a similar effect on your walls with Indian designer wallpapers. They are strikingly noticeable and highly satisfying, meaning you will never get tired looking at them. The symmetry in them is an added advantage in keeping your mood consistent and calm. 

So, they can be optimal for living rooms or study areas where you need a pleasant ambience. 

Want to see how such a wallpaper looks like? Here is the platter portrayal wallpaper that’s novel, fresh, and sublime. You will love them for its circular patterns and intricate Indian elements present inside. Due to its subtle colours, it is not fully overpowering and thus brings about a pleasing feeling. 

Another example for such mild yet creative wallpaper is this Beige Inflorescence Dreams Wallpaper which is ravishing on the whole. You can easily choose them for your bedrooms and dining spaces if you are a fan of minimalism.

India Circus, your destination for unique home objects, accessories, and decor items 

The wallpaper options listed here are only a handful of what’s available on India Circus. You can check out the entire collection here and select a print that’s more suitable for your liking. Custom options are available too upon your requirements within the requested timelines and at exceptional qualities. Reach out to us using the inquiry option under your selected product if you would like to see a superimposed, much realistic version of the design.

FAQs about Wallpaper Designs

1. Are wallpapers strong and durable?

Wallpapers exist longer than wall paints and are highly durable against damages unlike paints that have to be redone frequently. Whereas, a good-quality wallpaper will last up to 15 years if you maintain it properly. Thus, wallpapers save you money too.

2. Can wallpapers be damaging to walls behind?

To some extent, yes. Wallpapers can be damaging to walls if you peel them improperly while removing. It can remove patches of paints here and there, but it can be easily and instantly fixed.

3. How to maintain wallpaper so the design won’t come off easily?

Maintaining wallpapers is so easy. You only have to use a duster to remove the dust on the top area. Avoid using water or cleaning liquids directly on the surface. If there is a stain, you can use a wet cloth to wipe. This is why investing in a good-quality wall paper is important. 

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