How to Choose the Best Bath Cloth: Fabric and GSM

How to Choose the Best Bath Cloth: Fabric and GSM

The bathroom is the place where you start your day and end your day. Preparing for your day or relaxing after a long day this place is sustainable. Hence choosing your bath accessories is as important as choosing your outfit. Not only do they help keep your bathroom neat and organized, but they also help make your daily routine more efficient. From toothbrush holders to storage containers and soap dishes and dispensers there are countless options that can help you get the most out of your morning rituals without adding extra time or effort. Read here, to pick the best bath cloth with a little knowledge, so that your towels will look and last and perform better in their many roles.

Look at Fabric:

Look at Fabric:

It is a crucial factor in picking fabric as it has many variations like cotton, linen, and microfiber.

Just Imagine after a long day, stepping out of the shower after an indulgent bath, wrapped in a cozy soft, and cuddly towel that makes you feel as if you’re straight out of a spa! You can sense it with our shower towels. Known for its softness and absorbency, cotton is a popular choice for bathcloths. It’s gentle on the skin and becomes even softer with each wash. Cotton bath towels are essential for Indian households as it go well for multiple purposes.

Check for our Hand-printed cotton bath towels online from India Circus for an ideal bathing experience.

Consider the Weight:

Consider the Weight

The primary use of a bath towel is to dry our body after coming in contact with water and our bath towel sets does it right!

Lightweight and quick-drying is a central component for a perfect soft towel for a bath. This thin bath sheet has a tight weave, which tends to be more absorbent than other styles, and also it’s lightweight, durable, and dries quickly. These towels are perfect for vacation: They take up minimum space in bags, can double as blankets on chilly plane trips, and dry quickly when spread out in a hot car after a day at the beach. Look to India Circus for a wide range of colors and styles.

Check for the size:

Check for the Size

Consider the size of the bathcloth based on your preferences and needs. Some may prefer larger clothes for full-body coverage, while others may prefer smaller ones for facial cleansing. It totally depends on one’s needs. Are you the one who is looking to buy towels to dry your hair? Here are our hand towels handy to use instantly anywhere. These hand towels are sure to please with their high-quality construction, which is perfect for a variety of uses around the house, including drying dishes, wiping hands, and bringing a splash of color wherever you go. The highly absorbent material and luxurious feel make it a perfect choice for everyone out there.

Understand GSM:

GSM stands for grams per square meter; which refers to the density of the fabric or towel. The higher the GSM, the heavier the towel and the softer and more absorbent. GSM and price are directly proportional to each other, as the GSM increases price also increases. GSM ranges from 300 to 900. Here’s what each weight is good for.

300 to 400 GSM

These towels are lightweight. They’re thinner and coarser than higher GSM towels, They can feel like sandpaper on your skin and aren’t very absorbent, so they’re not good bath towels. But, low-GSM towels dry quickly, which means they’re a great choice for a gym towel or a kitchen towel. 

400 to 620 GSM

These are medium-weight towels. They’re a good choice for beach towels and bath towels. They’re soft and absorbent but don’t take forever to dry. You can hang them on a rack or over a balcony in the sun, and they’ll dry before you need them again.

620 to 900 GSM

These are heavy, high-priced towels that are a total luxury wallow. These are the sort of towels you dream about, the towels at five-star hotels and spas in Santa Fe, and they feel like a hug when they touch your skin. The downside? These towels take forever to dry. You can use one after your morning shower, hang it on the rack, and it may still be damp when you brush your teeth before bed.


Selecting the bath towel is a matter of personal preference, but picking the best one makes a big difference. For a super soft, ultra-absorbent towel, look for 100% cotton with dense, plush loops of yarn on the surface. Don’t Judge a Towel by its touch and feel for softness. Almost any new bath towel will feel soft. Only the one made with the best material and highest quality standards will maintain that plush feeling after many wash cycles. That is why we recommend following the advice in this guide while shopping for bath towels, rather than on how they feel in the store! A sustainable collection for everyone anywhere and everywhere from our India Circus!

FAQ’s About How to choose the best bath cloth: Fabric and GSM:

1. What is the best GSM for bath towels?

If you’re looking for the best bath towels, then opt for GSM 500+ as they are a little heavy with more absorbent. You could choose GSM 400 and above for guest towels.

2. How do I choose a good-quality towel?

Choosing a good quality towel entirely depends on one’s needs. If you wish to get super soft light towels go for 100% cotton but it takes time to dry. If you want easy dry towels to use frequently go for one with a cotton-poly blend with a low pile.

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