How to incorporate Pink into your Homes for a Sophisticated and Quick Makeover

How to incorporate Pink into your Homes for a Sophisticated and Quick Makeover

Often perceived as a children’s room colour or a ‘girly’ one, pink has revolutionized its way into every corner of homes and spaces when used intelligently. Pink and its shades have seamlessly blended into our surroundings over the years and have definitely started making a change in the way we perceive this colour. The versatility of this colour from gentle pastels or powder-like hues to bright fuchsia and hot pink, there is a shade of the colour to suit all palettes, styles and moods! 

Psychologically pink is a positive colour and brings a soothing calmness into any space and reflects luxury. When using pink, as with any colour that offers a depth of shade, it’s important to consider the undertones and the light aspect of the room you’re decorating. Lighting plays an important factor to determine if the shade of pink you’re considering will look warm or cool.

As we dive into using this trendy colour, India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta has just the products suited for the makeover


Managing the theme of your décor style and balancing the pink on your walls is extremely crucial. Soft hues of pink in the living room will make your space look bright and spacious just like the Crepe Floret Delight Wallpaper which gives you endless inspiration. The varied combination of different shapes and sizes of floral blooms up your space in no time. The Arches of Triumph is another classic wallpaper with hues of deep pink coloured flowers curtaining the architectural power play. 

Not only wallpapers but wall arts can also add a certain depth to plain walls. Especially the Trapped Blue Bird Iron Decor Plate and the Indulgence Gateway  Canvas Wall Art both have elements of pink that blend elegantly with any background adding a touch of royalty to your walls. 


Get over the browns, beiges and greys and add some quirk around your seating area by including pink into it. If you’re not the one wanting to experiment with the colours of your sofas or centre tables, you might as well add the vibrancy of the colour pink through the rest of your furniture pieces as pink also works as a great contrasting colour bringing energy to the dark or light pairings. The Legends of the Crane Nesting Table is a must-have for your home to accentuate your living space. The shades of pink are sure to blend with any big piece of furniture at your home and add a punch to your decor style.

The Red Paradise Ottoman is another multipurpose element of furniture which can instantly elevate your living space by adding a burst of colours through its  Romantic hues, elegant motifs, and superlative composition. It is a great addition when kept around your sofas or in corners of your homes. 

Talking of corners, adding a couple of bean bags like the Pine Twist Bean Bag and the Blossom Tales Bean Bags are sure to add a colourful twist to your homes and given the shades of pink the bean bags have to offer, it will add a dreamier touch to your decor style. Moreover, easily moveable to any part of your home with ease.

Because the colour is so distinctive and robust, you can also use it in smaller doses. Pink cushions like the Clovers Knot Play and the Poppy Bird Land Blended Cushion Covers will match up to all kinds of decor settings. Just like the cushion covers, rugs are also an important element of decor in which the hues of pink can be adapted. The Neon Cynic Pop Burst Rug is a multi-coloured rug with hints of neon pink flowers over a minty green neon background which immediately brings your space to life

Lamps, planters, artefacts, etc are a great way to incorporate the colour pink into your decor and make it look chic and exquisite. The smaller elements are sure to balance the colour and pull together a space with great panache. Find your fix for great home décor products and much more only at the India Circus store or on the website at

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