How to style chest of drawers for your home

How to style chest of drawers for your home

India Circus is known for its out of the box thoughts and products, the bold patterns and intricate tapestry of designs create an aesthetically pleasing effect on your mind and eyes. Out of those quirky products, our Chest of Drawers are an amazing addition! The compact style makes it a favorite for everyone who has an eye for creativity.

Let’s have a look at our best designer Chest of Drawers boxes and how you can use them according to your needs and home decor.

Raceme Rosettes Chest of Drawers

The Raceme Rosettes feature an amazing floral-geometric motif combination as a resemblance to the free flowing nature of human emotions and the steady, sturdiness of human actions. The Raceme rosettes with an alluring color of teal mixed with burnt orange is a highly unusual combination to look for. In this beautiful chest of drawers you can store your trinkets gifted by anyone. You can keep it on the side table next to your bed to remind you of the sweet memories.

Gray Floral Galore Chest of Drawers

Our best selling design on the cute little chest of drawers, the drawers draw attention to them, the attention to detail and the cautious creativity involved to create an amazing product. The floral galore chest of drawer paired with other floral galore products creates a mesmerizing aesthetic. With its regal allure and playful design the chest of drawers would be an amazing gift to look out for. Keep your earring and even medicines to declutter your table in style.

Spring Bloom Chest of Drawers

Don’t you love when there’s nature in your home? In a world residing in a metropolis, going out in nature becomes exhausting. The lovely design of Spring Bloom brings nature to your home, the botanical and tropical style paired with green hues creates a calming effect of a moore of a meadow. Keep your personal belongings in this beautiful chest of drawers that just adds charm and whimsical warmth to your space. 

So what’s the wait for? Get your hands on these quirky and amazing and durable products that are just the right thing for your cute belongings. These adorable products come in 2 sizes and just fit right into your heart.

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