Ideas for a minimalist home this holiday season

Ideas for a minimalist home this holiday season

Wabi Sabi and Mary Kondo – these words aren’t alien to us any more especially after the surge in searches on these terms as Google Trend reports show us. A large audience has begun  to move from loud and dramatic to minimal, modern and fuss free decor that is both impeccably styled and perfectly relaxed without damaging the environment. Before you begin,  a rule of thumb: if you want to go minimalist, you can choose between function or aesthetics. Here’s how to declutter your home this holiday season and stay true to the ‘less is more’ ideology.

Organise one space at a time 

Before you begin tossing and sorting, you must first create a vision and plan for the space. How would you like this space to be used? Envision how this space would function or what would you want to highlight in that space which is the singular focus area.  Once you’ve created your vision for this space, you’ll need to carve out time to declutter. Decluttering is not something that can be done all at once, and it is always best to tackle one area per day, or even once a week, depending on the size of the space. Too much in one go and you are sure to burn out.  The key here is to start concentrating on only one space at a time, rather than attempting to manage several spaces. Organization will send the foundation. 

Organize with minimalism in mind

Begin by concentrating on what is absolutely necessary. Invest in simple storage and organisation tools. The Peacock Dwar Desk Organizer from the house of India Circus can perfectly hold your pen, notepad, office stationery and much more in a chic style. Use this designer wooden desk accessory and keep your desk space organised whether at office or at home!. The design on this desk organizer features peacocks at the entrance followed by a beautiful foyer with Mughal style architecture along with florals and lotuses that is not only aesthetic but also functional. Wooden material adds to the stoic simplicity and plays to the native version of minimalism to begin with. 

Try and focus on increasing hidden storage. You can also opt for storage containers in the same colour as your décor to help them blend in with the furniture. A right pick for your home to turn into a tidy haven this season is the Rangoli Motifs Storage Box. It  is one of the fastest selling storage boxes that features an elegant design, which you can’t take your eyes off! The design on this storage unit features colourful motifs of Rangoli evenly spread on the box. From geometrical patterns to petals and complementing accents, this one is a must have and multi-purpose too. 

Get creative with the space and objects you already own instead of purchasing new furniture, items of décor. 

Redecorating your home does not necessitate purchasing all new furniture and accessories. Simply restyling your space with items you already own can completely transform it. With these simple tricks, you can instantly refresh your existing furnishings and incorporate everyday objects into your decor for a low-cost update.

Throw around some pillows- If your living room doesn’t feel inviting, cozy it up with a pile of pillows. If you are planning to spruce up your sofa without undergoing an expensive renovation, invest in Perianth Drama Blended Silk Cushion Cover from the popular homegrown label India Circus. The design will surely have a special place for floral lovers with its mix of vibrant flowers of different shapes against the heart-warming Prussian blue background.

Add comforts to chairs- Wood dining chairs and benches look sleek, but they can be uncomfortable. To add a cozier touch to wood furniture, borrow a faux sheepskin from the living room to drape across the seat or backrest. This design trick adds both comfort and textural contrast to your dining space.

Add a table runner- Dress up a tiny table with simple decor you already own. If your dining table is too small for a lot of accents, add just a little elegance with a table runner. Buy these runners from an exclusive assortment at India Circus. The Tusker Chariot line of table runners displays a decorated elephant chariot laid on top of a tiled pillar background. Bordered with floral motifs, the design on this designer bedroom runner is sassy and full of colour..

Edit your home

Keep in mind that a simple design isn’t just for the holidays. It is something that must be kept up throughout the year. To create new layouts, keep changing smaller pieces of furniture and decorative objects. You can replace heavy furniture with lighter, more streamlined options and it is best to introduce fewer decorative elements. Allow blank walls to be a part of the design scheme to maintain a sense of balance.

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