In the Summertime!

In the Summertime!

It’s summertime! And it’s time to enjoy the beautiful and natural hues of yellows, oranges, and greens that the season brings with it.
There’s something so vibrant and bright about these colours that you don’t only feel like enjoying the spirit of summer outdoors, but want to bring it home too. And what better way of doing so than by embellishing your home and office with décor that brings alive these colours!

Want to spruce up a boring wall? The Jalebi Flower Power Wall Clock will do just that with its warm and wonderful colours. The background and borders of the clock, along with the exciting floral and auto rickshaw design on it, come together to give that summer kiss to your space! Shop them Here


Marrying geometry with the beauty and elegance of floral magic is this pop green-coloured Tamara Floral Maze Pouff .  Place this pouff in a less busy area, as it truly deserves its own prominence and space! Shop them Here

What’s more scenic than watching foliage, with chirping birds? Bring home that magic with the Tamara Chirping Birds Fabric. Adorn your furniture with this pretty fabric, fall in love with the love birds, and feel close to this lovely experience! Shop them here

This set of Acrylic Keychains has a variety of colours and moods, all light and bright! Each keychain has a pleasant summer tone to it. Get ready to get the key to unlock the magic behind them all. Shop them here

When you’re using these products, which are kissed with the summer mood, remember to coordinate the rest of the items around them with complementing colours. Don’t kill the beauty of these products by placing them next to other extremely loud- or dark-coloured items.

Bring out the splendour of them all, and simply soak in the sun!



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