Infusing Positive Energy into Your Home Environment: 10 Ways to Achieve It

Infusing Positive Energy into Your Home Environment: 10 Ways to Achieve It

After the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we return to our calm abode, our home. Just the sight of our house fills us with relief and calm. Home is a feeling, and we need this positive energy. Having positive energy in home provides mental peace and a safe space to feel, relax, and rejuvenate. It also makes the individual have an optimistic outlook on life and go at it with more excitement. You and your surroundings need to first be at peace to radiate the same energy. In this blog, let’s look at the different things that bring positive energy in home effortlessly. 

How to increase positive energy at home? 

Declutter the space. 

Declutter the space

You are what your surroundings look like. Ever noticed how you feel in a cluttered space? Confused, limited, and blocked. Ironically, this is by no means physical, rather the mental state feels like it. Declutter the room and give away any items that you haven’t used for quite some time, like more than five years. Pay attention to drawers, table tops, or any shelves left unattended for too long.  This is because there is less chance you are going to need it shortly. As you declutter, you will see how you feel less burdened, and a sense of relief will fill you and positive energy in home. 

Natural Sunlight and Fresh air 

The warm sun’s rays bring in natural light that gives a sense of overall well-being. Every morning, open the windows and blinds to let this positive energy flow in.  Natural lighting cannot be achieved with bulbs or tubes. Morning sun rays are a great source of vitamin D, and they have been proven to cause a feeling of better mood and upliftment. The morning sun is also associated with making a person productive in a work environment. The fresh air helps the person perfuse more oxygen and keeps the mind fresh and active. 

Windchimes or dreamcatchers 

These are some of the most common things that bring positive energy in home

They cause an overall positive vibe, bring a feeling of calm, and bring an energetic aura to life. Also, they produce soothing chimes that promote mindfulness and calm. Windchimes and dreamcatchers are often used as decorative accessories, and they never fail to impress.

Inspirational Verses

How to increase positive energy at home with verses? Incorporate positive and calming verses from your holy books that bring you motivation and hope during the day. These verses help us reflect and take every day positively. These can be paired with artistic wallpapers, often with the most beautiful background behind your favorite verse. These verses are intended to strengthen your faith and resilience. Place them in areas where you spend a good amount of your time, like your living room or prayer room. Several serene wallpapers are available on India Circus. Choose a positive energy wallpaper you like the most, and frame a verse that resonates with your beliefs and encourages you. Seeing these verses again will fill you with gratitude, peace, and spiritual well-being.  



Plants always bring in good vibes, fresh air, and a soothing aura. They also enhance the aesthetic appeal and green colour promotes mindfulness and clarity. Choose plants that are easy to take care of and can be easily maintained in a home environment. Place them in your living room, kitchen, or work desk. Some common favourites are snake plants, succulents, or even ferns. On any free day, take a moment to water them and keep them clean. You will see that the level of your mindfulness and calm will improve over time. 

Wall Art 

Wall Art

Wall Art is one of the most powerful things that bring positive energy in home. Art in itself is full of meaning and can evoke emotions and uplift a person. The best types of wall art to invest in include nature, abstract, or a photo frame of a beautiful place you’ve been to. These create a sense of positivity, fulfillment, and love. Pay attention to the theme of your home and feel free to add pieces, including wall art frames, wall decoration plates, a positive energy wallpaper, or even lanterns

Photos of Happy Moments 

Photos of Happy Moments

As humans, we are interwoven with our family’s happiness and cheer. Their laughter brings us peace and a sense of accomplishment in life. On any weary day, just a smile from our loved ones makes life more bearable and gives us hope. The same goes for having cheerful smiles captured in photos. Arrange these in your home as you may like. Put it on the side table next to your bed to give you an oxytocin boost early in the morning. Or, put it on a wall in the living room so you can cherish it. There are a million different ways on how to increase positive energy in home with photos, you just have to be thoughtful, and creativity is bound to flow. 

Aromatic Candles 

Aromatherapy soothes the senses and is highly preferred by individuals who want to experience calm amidst the everyday chaos of life. Scents like lavender and citrus promote a sense of relaxation and happiness and bring positive energy to home. Buy candles and light them up in the evening to create a soothing atmosphere or at the start of your day create a positive vibe in the morning hours. 

Overall colour scheme 

Overall colour scheme

As mentioned earlier, colours can impact your mood and elicit emotions. It’s important to be highly selective about the colors you choose to beautify your home with because it’s your sanctuary and your peace. Choose the shades that promote a sense of calm in you. Hues like ivory, cream, or almond white can be used in areas where you want to sit for long hours to meditate, reflect, or pray. Or you can colour the whole space with a monochromatic tone in subtle neutral colours. Another great idea is to choose the area, decide the intended purpose, and paint it accordingly. For example, if you want creativity to flow, choose to colour in yellow or bright sunny shades. Where you want to focus, be it study or work, choose hues of green. And where you want to unwind, go for light colours. 



Mirrors are centric to any home and one of the most celebrated things that bring positive energy to home.  They’re a good reflection of you, but did you know they are also used to infuse positive energy into space? Yes, that’s true. Strategically place mirrors to add to the home decor and also the vibe you want to attract into the space. 


Making the home a peaceful sanctuary requires careful thought and planning. Take these steps one day at a time and transform your space into a peaceful sanctuary. What’s important is that you keep exploring and choose the items that match your energy and bring positive energy to you. There are a million ways to do so but they will be effective only when they are personalized to your liking. So go ahead and buy luxury home decor from India Circus and transform your space into your calm abode. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Infusing Positive Energy into Your Home Environment: 10 Ways to Achieve It

How to change the energy in a home?

To quickly move energy in a physical space, change one thing in your least favorite room. Pack up a box for goodwill of things you no longer want or use.

How do I give my room a good vibe?

Hang in pictures of nature that make you feel good and happy. A happy wall gallery will also bring in a lot of positive vibes. 

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