"Infusing vibrant hues into every corner of your home"

Each festival has a story to tell, with an array of colorful decorations, from sparkling lights to fragrant flowers, to the soft glow of candles on Diwali, the lush greenery of Christmas trees, or the vibrant hues of Navratri, our homes come alive, radiating warmth and happiness.

With every festival the decor theme changes and maintaining a balance is important. Remember that achieving balance doesn’t mean using each color equally; it means creating a visually pleasing and harmonious environment. By carefully selecting where and how you use each color, to create a balanced and festive atmosphere in your home during Navratri festival. 

You don’t need to overwhelm your space with all the colors at once. Choose a few key elements or accents in each color to create a harmonious and festive ambiance in your home during Navratri.

 1. Use a Neutral Base: Start with a neutral color scheme as a backdrop. You can use white or cream for walls, furniture, or large decor items. This will provide a calming foundation and allow the Navratri colors to pop.

2. Focus on one or two dominant colors: Choose one or two of the Navratri colors to be the dominant ones in your decor. These colors can be more prominent in larger items like curtains, rugs, or furniture upholstery. Go for bright red curtains in your living room. Red pairs well with neutrals like white, beige, gray, or black, but it can also work with certain shades of green, blue, or gold, depending on the specific hues. Poppy Flower Scarlet Fabric can be used for curtains and blinds, sofas and chairs, cushions or bed linen that can add a pop look in your living room.

3. Accent with other colors: Use the remaining Navratri colors as accents. They can appear in smaller decorative items like cushions, vases, candles, or artwork. Distribute these accents evenly throughout your space to create visual harmony. Magenta Biome Mystique Scented Candle Votive can add that warmth and serenity to your space.

4. Create balance through symmetry: If possible, arrange your furniture and  decor items symmetrically, which can create a sense of balance and order. Choose decor items such as throw pillows, vases, or lampshades that feature dark colours like navy blue, and white patterns. You can choose from various color combinations like Monochromatic color schemes, Warm and cool tones, Rustic and earthy tones. Blooms & Swans Cushion Cover Set comes with the dark colour and patterns brighten up any space at your home.

5. Incorporate Metallics: Gold or silver accents can complement the Navratri colors and add a touch of luxury. You can use metallic picture frames, mirrors, or candle holders to achieve this. Floret Delight Wall Mirror can be used on wall that can add a touch of royalty. 

6. Layer textures: Introduce different textures to your decor to add depth and interest. For example, you can have Regal Magnificence Embroidered Cushion Cover, Aqua Clover’s Knotty Play woven rugs, or Regal Fluorescence Canvas Wall Art that incorporate the Navratri colors. Textures help break up the visual intensity of the colors.

7. Rotate decor: Since Navratri spans nine days, consider rotating your decor items to match the daily colors. This can help maintain a fresh and balanced look throughout the festival

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