Inspiration at IndiaCircus

Inspiration at IndiaCircus

At IndiaCircus, the core design philosophy is to embrace Indian culture with all its vibrancy and chaos and give it a contemporary twist. Our country is a treasure trove of exciting and beautiful things, places, moments and there is above all else there is never a dull moment.

IndiaCircus thus uses these unique characteristics and imbibes them in their products. From the flora and fauna that is found all around, to the quirky vibe of city life, IndiaCircus finds its inspiration from all around. The different collections available at IndiaCircus represent different eras and embrace the beauty found in each one of them.

Beautiful Designs at India Circus

One of the richest parts of our heritage was the era of the Mughals. The collection Neo-Nawab resurrects India’s golden dynasty- the Mughals, to bring to you an enigmatic collection replete with strong Indian motifs. The collection references various emblems of the Mughal era, such as its world renowned intricate architecture, as well its unapologetic opulence. The collection’s bright and vibrant luxury is tamed by its regal and sophisticated Mughal etiquette.

Indian cities are extremely crowded and sometimes just too hectic. However, if you look beyond the surface there are a variety of interesting quirks and characters. These facets are reflected best in the Jalebi collection. The Jalebi Collection maintains its composure across a tight-wire between fun and frivolity. This colourful collection features various icons of the Indian cityscape, from bicycles and rickshaws, to grandiose monuments of bygone dynasties. Jalebi captures quintessential emblems of life in India, and transcribes this loud and colourful experience into a sophisticated style for a contemporary lifestyle.

The flora and fauna found in India is almost unparalleled to any other country in the world. Not only is it diverse but each area/state has a variety of animals and plants which are absolutely beautiful. The collection Tamara references India’s extremely rich visual treasure of flora and foliage. Inspired by nature, the collection offers a bright and contemporary take on the Indian landscape. With various visually stimulating designs that lead the eye over its intricate details and patterns, the Tamara collection celebrates the beauty found in India.

Ethnic Designs

Traditional Indian art and craft has an important part in the heritage of the country. Each state, area, village have their own unique style. The collection Kuheli pays homage to various traditional Indian arts and crafts. The designs feature graceful peacocks from the forest, as well mesmerizingly abstract visuals. Kuheli is dynamic in its colour palette and detailed in its intricate references, wherein lies the collection’s individuality. The designs appeal to those seeking rich visuals that have a delicate history behind them.

At IndiaCircus, our designs are not too traditional and archaic, nor are they very futuristic. They all are a fine balance of the old and the new, the classic and the chic…in short, completely contemporary.

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