It’s not just design.

It’s not just design.

It’s not just design. It’s a way of life. India Circus by Krsna Mehta gives you a million reasons to live your life with style and beauty. Design is what we live and breathe. Design is what our name is, and so is our last name. We aspire to go where no one has yet dared to go, we do not believe in assembly lines, we believe in the freedom of design and creativity.

For the love of all things bright and beautiful, here is your opportunity to make all you see, your home, your workplace, even your car a space where you feel amazing, because you deserve it.

When we share our designs with you, we share parts of us. We mix colors like there are no rules. Each of our designs is a celebration, each aspect of India and Earth we inspire from, we strive to make it more appealing, more beautiful, for each of you lovelies. We want to share our passion and our love of design with you!


What we want you to do is build memories, amidst the colors we make for you, breaking bread in the debonair plates and sharing a cuppa in those pretty little mugs.
We feel, these creative compositions bring glamor to life. Coffee times are not the mundane wake sessions they used to be, they are more of the times you enjoy with yourself – a small self tete-a-tete over a cup of hot steaming love.


Add a splash of color to your tabletop with this range of Serving Bowl. The bright lagoon coloured design is eye-catching and chic with charming blooming blossoms, perfect to brighten your table on any occasion.


We’ve mastered the art of effortless sophistication for you. Your home, your work place, these are your temples, all we plan to do is make sure you always have gifts to give your spaces at all times.
Think out of the box with us, be bold, be quirky and dare to be different!
Life is beautiful. Life is just once, live it with us.
Because, at India Circus, we strive to make your life beautiful.
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