Kitchen and Dining Essentials to Throw the Perfect Summer Soiree Indoors

Kitchen and Dining Essentials to Throw the Perfect Summer Soiree Indoors

Patios and backyards are always fun until the sweltering heat comes along. While the outdoors may not be conducive to throwing a party or hosting that long-awaited dinner, you could always move the party indoors with India Circus decor and tableware to wow your guests with your chic display. Come rain or shine, let the good times roll on!

1. Keep it floral – When it comes to an elegant soiree, keep it fresh and lively with natural scents. Fresh flowers are the perfect way to liven up your table setting. Add a pop of color to your table with this Floral Fascination Table Runner. Fascinate your friends and family with this unique table runner, full of bird motifs.

2. Mood Lighting– Nothing sets the ambience like lighting. Soft candle lights are a beautiful way to set the mood for your chic summer soiree and you can’t go wrong with these India Circus Crystal Candle Holders, suitable to fill with tea lights for a warm, illuminating glow and not to mention, a stunning decorative piece to add glamour to any setting. 

3. Home Decor – Add crafty colours to your pillows with these Grey Poppy Flower Satin blend cushion covers (Set of 5). The minimal design cushion cover set aptly titled Grey Poppy Flower, is an eye-pleasing element that will definitely add a splash of colour and texture to your space. With rose plants blooming against the lattice framework, the cushion cover comes in satin blend with blended taffeta silk and is complimented by a solid red cushion cover with flowers taking the centre. 

4. Small Bites – Finger sandwiches and samosas,  fruit and cheese trays, chips with dip and mini desserts, are all delicious and simple food options that can easily be self-served at a summer soiree. Serve them on this Monarch’s Cadence Oval Platter. Made of Mango wood, the print showcases the butterflies of different colours and sizes having their own romance with vibrant flowers. 

5. Serve a cold one – With the heat out in full play, make sure to have cold chilled drinks to serve at your soiree. Keep it light with some cold lime water, juices, and some refreshing cocktails served in beautifully crafted Plum Embossed Small Glasses. Available in Plum Red, Blue and Green, there is surely one to fit your vibe! Avoid rings on your table by using the Harmony with Nature Coasters (Set of 6). Bring the warmth and lustre of copper to your table with this elegant coaster set. The design portrays cranes of different colours parading around in the company of lotus and trees. Easy maintenance as it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and is beautiful to look at. 

6. Dinner & Dessert – Make your guests feel like royalty during dinner with the help of the Marine Opulence Dinner Set which is accented with 22-carat gold. A decorative turquoise dinner set from the limited edition collection will add a festive feel to your merriment. A dinner set of twenty pieces (6 dinner plates, 6 side plates, 6 bowls and 2 curry bowls), with a luxury finish that looks stunning. The design has flowers, sparrows and leaves gallivanting the calm, serene marine background. 

Gather your closest friends and family, no one can rain on an indoor parade. Now that we’ve checked off the important stuff, go to to gather your favorites for your next indoor soiree. Chic and beautiful, these are sure to turn heads and make a splash. 

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