Krsna’s Design Picks for the Monsoon Season

Krsna’s Design Picks for the Monsoon Season

The monsoon is that time of the year which people all over India look forward to enthusiastically i.e. for the initial couple of weeks. The monsoon brings respite from the miserable heat that Indian summers have. However, after a point the rains lose their charm and from then on it is only gloomy weather. So how do we brighten up this time and still make this season stylish and exciting?

At IndiaCircus, we are committed to celebrating Indian culture in a contemporary way and hence we have many designs and motifs which also bring out the best aspects of the monsoon season. So here are Design Director Krsna Mehta’s picks to brighten up your space and make this monsoon a whole lot more fun.

One of the most iconic symbols of beauty in India is the peacock. What makes this bird special to the monsoon is that when it is about to rain, the peacock begins to dance. This is one of the most magnificent sights to watch as they flare up their feathers and it is just exquisite. At IndiaCircus, we celebrate these beautiful birds by incorporating them into the designs in our products.
Our latest collection of umbrellas will not only provide protection against the rain but will ensure that you look stylish. With this collection of umbrellas, IndiaCircus celebrates vibrant elements of Indian life such as an eclectic rickshaws and much more.

Monsoon Special Umbrellas by India Circus

Bring that coziness and colour into your living room with our collection of cushion covers . With colours such as greens and blues and motifs of peacocks, these covers celebrate the magic of the monsoons. Also, since the monsoon is the perfect time to curl up in a nice corner and read, these cushion will definitely add that charm to the space.

Monsoon Special Cushion Covers by India Circus

Nothing completes the mood of the rains more than a hot cup of tea and some snacks. Use our crockery collection which again depicts the mood of the monsoon but in an elegant manner. With motifs and colours such as an ‘Aquarium of Flowers’ and ‘Sea of Coral’, these pieces of crockery celebrate the beauty of the rain and sea.

Monsoon Special Dining Crockery by India Circus

Also, how do you stay stylish during the monsoon? It is that time of year where the rain can beat out any fashion element. However, at IndiaCircus we have the perfect solution. Kick start this monsoon season by arming yourself with the best fashion accessories.

So this monsoon don’t let the gloom get you down. Enjoy the season and stay fabulous.

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