Less is More: Minimalistic Design Ideas For Your Home

Less is More: Minimalistic Design Ideas For Your Home


  What is Minimalism?

The minimalist design came into play in the 20th century, which follows the simple theory that “less is more”. There’s so much to explore in this theory, with so many different possible outcomes to give a sleek look while keeping it simple but at the same time effective. When we think minimalism, we don’t think plain white interiors, but its combinations of functional design with artistic elements that when put together create a space that is sexy, simple, and downright impossible to deny. Well defined interiors, uncluttered objects, lots of light, clean lines, and the perfect blend of colour and texture is what the “less is more” concept is all about.

The main idea of minimalist design is eliminating unnecessary elements all the while accentuating the essentials to create an aesthetic space like no other, which is warm and welcoming. A lot of designers have started to embrace this form of simple design, shining light on a room’s selected upholstery, as well as simple colour combinations. Simple colour combinations are not limited to just black and white, but it can mean simple colours with random colour pops, or even monochromatic hues, which can further enhance the simplicity of your space and create a harmonious balance. We at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta absolutely love this intriguing concept, and we think you’ll love it too!

Why You’ll Love it

1. It creates a warm and inviting haven that is worth every investment.

2. If done well, this form of design can last a lifetime, and doesn’t go out of style!

3. Since minimalism is all about keeping it simple, you save up on incorporating too many pieces of furniture in your space while still maintaining beauty

4. Less furniture means more open space, and it can also make a smaller space appear larger!

5. Since it doesn’t require a combination of too many furnishings, you can easily select your desired output without being too spoilt for choice, helping you focus on the essentials.

6. It provides a serene space like no other, giving a soothing effect in an inviting haven with a timeless aesthetic.

How You Can Achieve It:

1.Focus on Stand Out Pieces – Stand out statement pieces alone can bring in an element of intricate design that could be enough to liven up your space while still maintaining simplicity. You can then decorate the rest of your space with tinier objects like artwork and vases to enhance it while adding a pop of colour.

2. Add Colourful Accents – While we realise, we’re always focusing on colourful accents, it’s just because they’re that good! With neutral shades and interiors, a colourful accent is all that is needed to create the perfect balance in terms of your colour palette. They add an element of fun and excitement, which go extremely well when paired with subtle shades.

3. Keep It Simple – This is of course, the main motto of the minimalist concept we’re trying to achieve. Declutter, ditch the complex furnishings and upholstery and invest in simpler design elements as well as stylish storage spaces which are sophisticated and classy.

4. Let There Be Space – You need to be open to the idea of having spaces in your room which aren’t taken over by unnecessary elements which just add clutter. Open spaces are more inviting and calming and are perfect for the minimalist approach.

5. Let There Be Light Lighting is one of the main elements that can completely change the look of your space. You can go for stunning but simple lamps or other single light pieces that shine just the right amount of light in your space. Natural light also can play a huge role in changing the vibe of your home, so go for bigger windows to allow the sunlight to bathe your home in minimalist glory.

6. Thoughtful Furnishing – Invest in furnishing which can alone create a mesmerizing atmosphere that you wouldn’t want to leave. Quality minimalist decor can stand out on its own without the need for added elements.


We think it’s about time you ditch the complex for simple too! Minimalist design is just what your home needs. For more ways to redo your home inexpensively, click here.

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