Lotus Longings: The Making of This Ethereal Motif

Lotus Longings: The Making of This Ethereal Motif

An ancient flower whose roots run deep enough to transport us back to the early ages. A flower that always seems to be hidden amongst its more popular contemporaries- the ethereal lotus. Usually, its elegant design receives all the spotlight while the significance of the lotus is often forgotten. A revered symbol across the years and various beliefs, the lotus has truly stood the test of time.

Cultures across the world hold the lotus to a high spiritual standard because of its subtle symbolism. This flower grows naturally in the muck of ponds and for it to blossom as beautifully as it does, it needs to break through all the dirt to emerge gloriously. A small reminder of how even nature needs to persevere and triumph over the toughest of obstacles. 

A gentle nod to rebirth and enlightenment being the reason why the lotus flower holds a heavy place in cultures far and wide. Being the epitome of spiritual awakening and purity, this flower has a special place in all our hearts. Along with having a special place in the divinity associated with different cultures.

Photo by Sarah Ball

The lotus flower makes its frequent presence in the Buddhist culture highly known with it being depicted across art and literature. Old adages say that when Lord Buddha was born, lotuses bloomed at his footsteps. Buddhists also believed that this flower was a true symbol of non-attachment too, due to its ability to remain firmly planted in the ground- all whilst blossoming to its fullest.

 Hinduism also chooses to revere the lotus with multiple Hindu deities being associated with this dainty flower. Similar to Buddhism, Hinduism strongly believes in the power of the lotus to remain unsullied by the dirt and water that surrounds it. Emerging above the water, this flower is a testament to stand your own ground and walk on the path of enlightenment. 

Photo by Jyoti Singh

The magic of the lotus flower is so unbridled that not only does it find sanctuary in dirt but due to a thin layer of wax present on its petals- its charm is unbothered. This flower continues its cycle of rebirth no matter what nature throws in its way. Unfaltering faith and non-acceptance of defeat, a true symbol.

Wouldn’t it be soothing to allow the lotus to embrace the nooks and crannies of your abode? A perfect way to let in a token of spirituality and make your home a tranquil space you can relax in. We, at India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta have a few ways you could let the lotus bloom.

  • Perfect Pillows

One seamless way of introducing the lotus motif to your decor is by adding pillows with this design. The Lotus Pond Blended Velvet Cushion Cover with its bright and beautiful motifs of the blooming lotus in an earthy green backdrop will have your pillows looking livelier than usual.

  • Surreal storage

We’re always running out of space and boxes to store our favourite delicacies in. If your kitchen needs some brightening up to do, the Conifered Lotus Symmetry Storage Jar is an exquisite pick! It features a symmetry of lotus patterns in a beautiful pink shade.

  • Monochrome Organisation

Our previous blog gave a gist on ways to be more organised- what better way to do that than to introduce some eclectic decor? The Monochrome Lotus Reiteration Leather Tray is the ideal way to keep all your keys and miscellaneous accessories organised elegantly. It features monochrome lotus motifs that will bring a balance to all the colour in your homes.

  • Functional Decor

The inclusion of a small and vibrant side table in any of your rooms adds functionality and enhances the decor too! The Teal Tiled Lotus Extravaganza Side Table has colourful shades of green along with blooming lotus motifs in a pond. The presence of a Mughal entrance in a teal background is a perfect absorption of heritage in your home.

  • Floral Chai

We aren’t talking about flower-infused teas, just in case you were pondering. Swap your usual plain-Jane teacups with the Lattice Lotus Chai Kulhad from India Circus by Krsnaa Mehta. These bone china kulhad cups feature a lattice framework that is brimming with lotus motifs. The combination of pink & orange makes it a delightful addition to your kitchen.

We would love to see some tranquillity and spirituality infused into your abode with the welcoming of the loving lotus. A constant reminder to each one of us to persevere through the tough times and emerge out gentler and wiser.

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