Magic Lighting

Magic Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in doing up one’s home create the right kind of ambience and mood one requires playing around with different types of lighting elements. By using the right kind of table lamps and candles one can create a sophisticated aura in even the smallest of spaces.

By using low light one can make the space feel warm and welcoming. When doing up interiors of a house it is essential to pay attention to lighting. The right kind of lighting can help in accentuating the finer features of a room be it a set of cushions or a painting.The interesting thing about lights is that you can use various types to create different moods. For e.g. If you are throwing a party you can use a set of neon strip lights or UV lights and there you go. The place can completely transform itself. On the other hand if you want to just bury yourself in a corner with a book you need just a lamp and you get that cozy feel.

When you are thinking about the lighting of a space one must learn how to balance it out. Keeping a mix of bright and low light can always add texture to a space. If there is something you wish to highlight such as a cushion cover then a standing or a table lamp with low light can do the trick. The low light will give the cover just the right amount of light and shadow which will make it very pleasing to the eye. By placing candles around the room you also give the room a sense of depth and of course a bit of a romantic feel.Lighting can also have a lot of fun elements. If you want to break the monotony of just lamps then all you have to do is take some string lights and put them in a few corners. One way of doing this is taking a few old bottles or jars and putting the lights into them. Not only do they look pretty but they make for a quirky arrangement as well. Or you could even tape them up to a part of a wall or just put them on the floor. And they do come in various colours so once in a while it is nice to liven up the space a bit without upsetting the overall scheme.

One of the best things about lighting is that you can experiment. There are countless ways to light a room up and with a bit of creative thinking there is no telling what you come up with. As long as you keep in mind the aesthetic feel of your place. And remember that the right lighting can bring out the beauty in just about anything.At India Circus we have a range of some beautiful lamps, candles, candle bases and votives along with many other accessories to do up your home. Do take a look at




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